TextExpander Adds Encryption at Rest

While new features in an app are obvious signs of how we’re working to make TextExpander better, we also do a lot of work behind the scenes. While much of that work remains unrecognized outside the company (sorry, engineers), occasionally there’s something worth bringing to public attention. A few of these updates to our web… Read More »

Discover and Share Snippet Groups with TextExpander’s Public Groups

Public Groups offer a way to discover ready-made TextExpander snippet groups, sourced from a variety of authors, in one place. Anyone on the latest version of TextExpander can subscribe to these groups, or publish groups to share with the TextExpander community. If you’ve just started out with TextExpander, and want more than a gloriously (scarily)… Read More »

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad: Now with Snippet Keys!

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad v4.2 includes a new addition to the TextExpander keyboard, Snippet Keys. Snippet keys allow users to assign a snippet its own key for triggering expansion from the TextExpander keyboard. Instead of typing an abbreviation to expand a snippet, tap a single key. Update by opening the App Store to the Updates… Read More »

TextExpander for Mac v6.1 Adds Dictation in Fill-ins, Portuguese, and More

TextExpander for Mac v6.1 is now available. This update adds the ability to use fill-in snippets with Apple’s Dictation as well as Portuguese localization. You can also preview a snippet before expansion using the new Preview button in the snippet editor. The snippet editor also has improved drag and drop support. What’s New in v6.1:… Read More »

TextExpander.com Adds Online Import / Export

We recently added the ability to import and export snippet groups on TextExpander.com. If you’re using TextExpander for Windows, this is how you can import new groups, or transfer them from another text expansion app for Windows. Import/export on TextExpander.com benefits users of TextExpander for macOS and TextExpander for iPad & iPhone, as well. While… Read More »