How To: Make Cross-Platform Random TextExpander Snippets

You can set up a snippet to expand randomly selected content on Mac, Windows **, iPad, and iPhone using JavaScript. Some of you are already planning how to use this to make your life easier. If you’re wondering what pedestrian use this can have, suppose you answer a lot of email, a pleasant greeting and… Read More »

TextExpander Adds Per-Group Snippet Prefixes

With group prefixes, you can assign a unique abbreviation prefix for each snippet group. This is a fast and easy way to organize and distinguish one group of snippets from another, something we’ve talked about before on our blog. What are group prefixes? For example, for that group of snippets you’ve made to communicate with… Read More »

Quickly Use Custom Dates and Times with TextExpander

With TextExpander you can quickly insert custom formatted dates and times into your documents, emails, and messages as you type. No more having to double check with the calendar app to know what the date is while setting up meeting notes or sending emails with future due dates in them. Make up a simple shortcut… Read More »

Discover and Share Snippet Groups with TextExpander’s Public Groups

Public Groups offer a way to discover ready-made TextExpander snippet groups, sourced from a variety of authors, in one place. Anyone on the latest version of TextExpander can subscribe to these groups, or publish groups to share with the TextExpander community. If you’ve just started out with TextExpander, and want more than a gloriously (scarily)… Read More »