TextExpander for iPhone & iPad: Now with Snippet Keys!

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad v4.2 includes a new addition to the TextExpander keyboard, Snippet Keys. Snippet keys allow users to assign a snippet its own key for triggering expansion from the TextExpander keyboard. Instead of typing an abbreviation to expand a snippet, tap a single key. Update by opening the App Store to the Updates… Read More »

How To Expand Dates in Other Languages with TextExpander

Do you ever have to type out the date? Maybe in an email, a file name, or meeting notes? Depending on where and why you need a date, it has a certain format, the month as a word (March) versus a number (03), for example. With TextExpander you can set up the ordering of a… Read More »

How To Give Better Presentations With TextExpander

The scene: you’re nervous, standing at the front of the room, dozens, maybe hundreds of eyes on you. Some may even be deciding your fate at the company. You’re giving a demo and it’s going smoothly so far. You get to the typing portion and Bam! your nervous fingers can’t type a single thing correctly.… Read More »

Previous Week Number Using TextExpander

A user wrote in asking if TextExpander’s date math could be used to determine the previous week number. He clarified that he wanted to get the week number of last week, not necessarily 7 days ago. It’s easy to subtract seven days using date math, but this isn’t a common request, so it’s not part… Read More »

Traveling Up the Snippet Collection Path

Whether you are a veteran TextExpander user and are not sure what to make into a snippet next, or a TextExpander newbie unsure what to make into a snippet, these tips are for you. Review your communication One great use of TextExpander is in communication. For many people, a work day consists of communicating, frequently… Read More »