Indie+Relief: Mac Developers Raise Money for Haiti

Approximately 150 independent Mac and iPhone software developers have pledged to contribute their sales for the day of January 20th to Haiti relief. The effort is called Indie+Relief. SmileOnMyMac will contribute the sales of PDFpen and TextExpander to Mercy Corps and Doctors Without Borders. The needs in Haiti are immense. Its capital lies in ruins,… Read More »

Shorten your URLs with TextExpander and

TextExpander comes with an Internet Productivity suite that contains URL shortening snippets for a variety of services including and One of the newer services that I just discovered is called Clicky. Clicky is a Web analytics package that makes tracking how people are finding and using your Web sites a breeze. As part… Read More »

iPhone Developers Integrate TextExpander touch

TextExpander touch for the iPhone, we also released an SDK (Software Development Kit) that other iPhone developers could use to integrate TextExpander touch functionality into their apps. The response has been very positive, both from developers and users. Tip: If you want to use TextExpander touch with an app that supports it, you must turn… Read More »