TextExpander: HTML and Shell Script Tips from Macworld

A few interesting tips were published on Macworld.com today, in a piece titled “Creative text expanding“. Derik DeLong shared some ways he uses TextExpander to easily insert HTML tags using the clipboard. He also gives a few examples of using shell script snippets in the Terminal to execute Unix commands. I am certainly the least… Read More »

Latex math and Greek symbols

Carlo Beenakker has developed a TextExpander snippet group with Latex math and Greek symbols which he uses when discussing math and physics in email or chat. Some examples from this group: \alpha α Greek letter alpha \infty ∞ Infinity symbol \int ∫ Integral symbol \sqrt √ Square root symbol You can download the Latex math… Read More »

TextExpander 2.6 and Spanish Accents

We’ve just added support to TextExpander 2.6 to specify on a per-group basis when abbreviations will expand. The choices are to expand after: Whitespace (the default / classic behavior) All characters except letters & numbers (punctuation, etc.) Any character TextExpander user Miguel Brunell from Mexico helped develop an excellent use of the new “any character”… Read More »

Macworld! Free Passes! Celebrity Demo!

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means we are working furiously to get ready for next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. We’ll be at our booth, #407 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, January 6 – 9, 2009. (I have to start getting used to typing 2009…) We’ll be showing off the latest… Read More »