Mea Culpa: TextExpander 2.4.1

TextExpander 2.4.1 is now available. In the course of fixing the memory leak for 2.4, I made a mistake on the code for handling the case of abbreviations. Once again “tiat” and “Tiat” can expand to “This is a test.” Yay! To all those affected, sorry for the trouble, and happy typing!

TextExpander: Nice AppleScript Shortcut for

easy way to get TinyURLs via TextExpander‘s AppleScript snippet capabilities. is another URL shortening service that has some very interesting features, like history, thumbnails and click-through stats. Jonathan Berger posted an article at LIVEdigitally on creating a TextExpander AppleScript snippet to quickly generate shortcuts. It works. Here’s the link to his article, bit.lyfied:… Read More »

TextExpander: Accented Words in English

List of English Words with Diacritics. I picked the words that seemed most useful to me and created a snippet group. List of the Accented Words Snippet Group (PDF) If you download TextExpander 2.3, you can easily add this Accented Words group by clicking on the plus sign (+) under your snippet list in the… Read More »

TextExpander: CSS Snippet Group

TextExpander 2.2. We added a new snippet group of CSS definitions (created by me!) that you can use. To do so, click on the plus sign (+) below the snippet list and choose “Add Predefined Group”. “CSS Snippets” has been added to the list. It’s always an fun intellectual exercise for me to develop a… Read More »