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What we do

Smile develops productivity software for Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iPad and iPhone. Our award-winning products redefine productivity so that you can get to the finish line sooner, leaving you more time for what comes next.

Who we are

We are a closely knit, geographically diverse company, with roots in the Mac community.

Read about how we grew from 2 developers with lots of ideas into the team we are today over on our blog.

We are smart, organized, reliable, honest, positive, and personable, and that’s how we’ve managed to successfully ship products for over 15 years as a remote team.

We love our customers.
We provide fast, friendly, outstanding support.
We treat one another and our customers with respect.
We work together, independently.
We care deeply about what we do.
We attend to details.
We constantly strive to do better.
We create. We solve. We ship.