Partner Program

Smile develops productivity apps for Macs and iOS devices. Our mission is reflected in our name: to make users smile by offering them excellent products and outstanding support. We are eager to partner with companies and individuals that share the same sentiment.

The Smile Partner Program offers two ways to participate. Companies or individuals can partner with Smile either as a reseller or as an affiliate.


Smile provides an automated reseller store to simplify the process of generating quotes, ordering products and procuring registration information. Smile views a reseller as a company or individual who recommends or procures software products for specific clients.  A reseller will have a long term relationship with their customer.  Qualified resellers receive a discount on Smile products.

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Smile employs an affiliate program to  assist in the tracking of promotions. Smile views an affiliate as a company or individual that promotes software products to a large number of customers. Generally, an affiliate will promote through email campaigns, blogs or social media. Qualified affiliates receive a commission on the sales of Smile products.

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* If you have trouble logging into the Impact Radius powered affiliate system, you may want to try our legacy affiliate system here.

If you have trouble logging into the ShareASale powered affiliate system, please verify that you signed up. We migrated to ShareASale beginning in August 2018 and all affiliates need to register under the new platform.