August 28, 2015
TextExpander 5.1 Updates Suggested Snippets, Notifications, and More

July 07, 2015
PDFpen 7.2 Adds Cloud Tool, Advanced Search Options and More

May 27, 2015
TextExpander 5 Suggests New Snippets; Syncs With Any Service

March 24, 2015
PDFpen 7.1 Adds Advanced Page Numbering, Custom Stamps and More

March 19, 2015
PDFpen Scan+ 2.0 Features Touch-Free Scanning; Edit Free Scanning

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Awards & Reviews

October 1, 2013, Creative Bloq
Turn your iPad into a flatbed scanner
"Who bothers with a scanner any more? This app does almost everything your rotten old flatbed used to."
- Jim McCauley, Creative Bloq

September 25, 2013, Cult of Mac
PDFPen Scan+, OCR Scanning For Your iPhone And iPad
" Yes, there are a ton of apps out there for scanning, and a few which offer good OCR. But PDFPen Scan+ does both, and also integrates with your existing PDFPen iCloud library."
- Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

April 11, 2013, Macworld
Review: With PDFpenPro 6, Smile makes a great PDF utility even better
"PDFpenPro is the crème de la crème of PDF editing and annotating applications."  
- Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

February 5, 2013, The Mac Observer
PDFpen for iPhone: 2013 Editors' Choice Award
"Reading PDF documents on your iPhone is easy, but editing? Smile Software makes it simple to do just that with PDFpen for the iPhone."

May 10, 2012, Macworld
App Guide: PDFpen for iPad Review
"User-friendly interface, integration with Mac version make for a compelling app"

January 27, 2012, Macworld
PDFpen for iPad: Macworld 2012 Best of Show
"Like the Mac version, PDFpen for iPad ($10) is a feature-filled app that lets you annotate and edit PDF documents. You can also import images from your Photo Library and place them in PDFs. It can store files in iCloud, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Evernote."

January 27, 2012, The Mac Observer
PDFpen for iPad: 2012 Editors' Choice Award
"Smile’s PDFpen for the iPad follows in the footsteps of its big brother on the Mac by letting you edit and view PDF documents on your iPad."

December 7, 2010, Macworld
TextExpander: 2010 Macworld Editors Choice Award
"What makes TextExpander a great app isn’t just that it’s so handy and so capable, but also the fact that it’s constantly evolving—refining its core tools, adding new ones, and adapting to an ever-changing technology landscape.", Dan Miller

September 9, 2010, MacVoices
The Smile Software Crew Introduce the Cool New Features of PDFpen 5
"Smile is at it again, upgrading one of their wildly useful tools with even more new and cool features. Jean MacDonald, Philip Goward and Greg Scown join us to talk about PDFpen 5."

May 18, 2010, Macworld
Essential Mac Utilities: text expanders
"The overall win, however (this time at least), goes to TextExpander, because of its support for syncing, creating expansions from selected text, and executing shell scripts in expansions. These features push it slightly ahead of TypeIt4Me, and help justify its higher price tag.", Rob Griffiths

December 10, 2009, Macworld
PDFpen: 2009 Macworld Editors Choice Award
"When it comes to modifying PDFs, Smile’s PDFPen 4.5 fits neatly between OS X’s free Preview and Adobe’s $449 Acrobat Pro. At only $50, it goes well beyond Preview’s PDF processing power, yet it offers some of the same features you’ll find in the much more costly Acrobat Pro. ... PDFPen may not be the most exciting product among this year’s Eddys, but it’s certainly one of the most useful.", Rob Griffiths

January 2009
Macworld 2009: The Mac Observer Editors Choice Award
PDFpen 4
"Editing PDFs can be an intimidating and daunting task without the right tools. Smile's PDFpen 4 fits that bill perfectly thanks to its easy to use features. ...PDFpen 4 can handle almost everyone's PDF editing needs, and it won't hurt your pocketbook, either."

January 16, 2008, The Mac Observer
Editors' Choice Winners for Macworld 2008

February 2004, Macworld
Macworld: The 19th Annual Editors' Choice Awards

July 2003, Macworld
Macworld Announces Best of Show Awards


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