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Help: Managing Designs in the Design List

design listDiscLabel keeps all your designs organized in the Design List on the left hand side of the Edit window.

  • Double-click on designs in the Design List to rename them.
  • Click on New Design new design to open the New Design dialog. This is the equivalent of File > New Design or Command + N.
  • Click on New Folder new folder to add a folder to the Design List. It is named Untitled Folder until you rename it.
  • Drag designs into folders to organize them.
  • Click Delete design trash to delete the selected design or folder.
  • You can select multiple designs or folders in two ways:
    • Command-click on multiple items that are not contiguous, i.e. next to each other in the list.
    • The Shift key lets you select a group of items that are contiguous. Click on the first item you want to select in a list. Then shift-click the last item you want in the list. Everything between the two clicks is selected.
    • With multiple files selected, you can drag them to a new folder or click on Delete to delete them

See also "Exporting and Sharing Your Designs".



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