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Help: New Design Dialog, Edit Window

New Design

When you launch DiscLabel for the first time, or when you choose File > New Design, the New Design dialog opens.

file new window

a. Dropdown menu for template categories; click to choose.

b. Thumbnail previews of templates; click to choose.

c. Dropdown menu for design elements (CD jewel cases, DVD cases, etc.); click to choose

d. Preview of available design elements for chosen template.

Edit Window

When you click Choose in the New Design dialog (see above), you will see your chosen design in the Edit window.

design window

a. Design List (See "Managing Designs in the Design List")

b. Design Elements column

c. View of design element currently being edited

d. Layer tabs (See "Using Layers")

e. Tools (See "Tools Overview")

f. Zoom in/out

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