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Help: Importing Images

You can import images into your DiscLabel designs from a variety of sources, including iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD, Aperture, Flickr, and the Finder. DiscLabel offers a powerful Import Image function that lets you add images to all elements of your design in one-step. You can also easily import images via drag-and-drop from the Finder.

Using the Import Image palette

images palette

  1. Click Images imagesin the bottom of the DiscLabel design window. The Import Image Palette will open.
  2. From the Image Source dropdown menu, choose the source of the image file you wish to import. Images can be imported from iPhoto, iTunes (album art), iDVD (theme art), Aperture, Flickr, or from any folder on your hard drive.
  3. Once you select an image source, the dropdown menu just below will display entries reflecting the organizing scheme of that source. That is, it will display albums and events for iPhoto, playlists for iTunes, etc. For most sources, one of these entries will be selected by default, and thumbnail images will appear in the area below the menus.
    • For the Folder source, you must choose a folder on your hard drive to import images from using the Choose Folder... entry. DiscLabel will add the five most recent folders you have selected to the menu for convenience.
    • For the Flickr source, you must choose Login to Flickr.com... so that DiscLabel and Flickr can communicate. See Flickr Authorization below for more about the authorization process.
  4. Click on the image you want to insert into your design. It will automatically be inserted into your design.
  5. By default, the first image you import is added to your design in the current active layer. After the first image is imported, subsequent images that you click on will replace the current image. There are five options in the Destination dropdown menu:
    • Add to Design
      Inserts the image into the current layer
    • Replace Selected
      Replaces the currently selected image
    • Replace Background - Fit
      Replaces the background of the current design element. The image is automatically resized to fit into the boundaries of the design.
    • Replace Background - Fill
      Replaces the background of the current design element. The image is automatically resized to fill the boundaries of the design.
    • Template Slot
      Some templates have slots where images can be inserted.
  6. If you want an image to appear in all the elements of your design (i.e. label, cover, jewel case insert, etc.), click the checkbox next to "Apply to all design elements".

Flickr Authorization

To import images from your Flickr account, you need to go through an authorization process which provides DiscLabel with your account name and which lets the Flickr servers know that DiscLabel will be accessing your images. To access your Flickr images:

  1. In the Image Source menu, choose Flickr.
  2. In the menu below, choose Log in to Flickr.com...
  3. Click Authorize... Your web browser will open up to the Flickr authorization page.
  4. You'll see two buttons labeled "Next". Click the one on the right, beneath the instructions "If you arrived at this page because you specifically asked DiscLabel to connect to your Flickr account, click here:"
  5. You'll be taken to the final authorization step in Flickr. Click "OK, I'll authorize it".
  6. Now you can click Complete Authorization in DiscLabel.

You only need to perform the authorization once. The only reason to use Log out of Flickr.com would be to use a different Flickr account. If you change your mind about authorizing DiscLabel to access your Flickr images, you can de-authorize DiscLabel in your Flickr account settings under "Extending Flickr."

If you are a Pro user of Flickr, DiscLabel will import the images at their original size. Otherwise, the Large format will be imported. To view the Flickr web page for an image in your browser, option-click the image thumbnail in the Import Image Palette.

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