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Help: Calibrating Your Printer

DiscLabel provides you with a special calibration sheet to print out and measure the calibration of your printer. On the sheet, the default mark calibration is at 20mm from the top and 20mm from the left. A perfect printer will print the mark at exactly those distances. Follow these steps to print out the sheet and measure the output of your printer.

  1. If you are not already in Print Mode, switch by clicking Printing print button at the bottom of the DiscLabel design window.
  2. Click the "Calibrate Printer" tab.
    calibrate printer
  3. Select your printer from the dropdown list under Calibration.
  4. Click the Print icon, and then click Print in the dialog box that opens to print the calibration sheet.
  5. Use a ruler, or the rule marks printed on the sheet, and follow the instructions on the printed sheet
    • Measure from the left edge of the sheet to the mark and enter the measurement in the field marked Left
    • Measure from the top edge of the sheet to the mark and enter the measurement in the field marked Top

DiscLabel maintains calibration settings for each printer. Only labels and label outlines are printed using the calibrated distances you provide. The calibration settings are not applied to other packaging elements or to the calibration sheet itself.

Testing the Calibration

You can test the results of your calibration before printing on label media.

  1. Click the Print Media tab.
  2. Load a sheet of plain paper in your printer, and click Print.
  3. In the Print dialog, check "Print Label Outlines Only" under the DiscLabel print settings.
  4. Hold these calibrated outlines up in front of your paper label media stock sto see if the offsets are correct.
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