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Help: Creating a Custom Design Starting From Blank

Step 1: Opening a Blank Design

  1. Choose File > New Blank Design from the main menu or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + N.

    blank edit window
  2. The name "Untitled" will appear in the list of designs on the left. You can rename the design by typing a new name.

Step 2: Add A Background Image

  1. Open the Image Import palette by clicking Images. images
    images palette

  2. Choose an Image Source (iPhoto, Finder, etc.) and specify an Album or Folder in the chosen source.
  3. Click on the Destination dropdown menu and choose "Replace Background - Fill" to fill the blank CD/DVD design with an image. Choose "Replace Background - Fit" to fit an image within the boundaries of the CD/DVD design.
  4. If you want to add the image to all the blank design elements, check the box "Apply to all design elements."
  5. Click on the thumbnail of an image to insert it into the design.

You can also create a wide variety of montages with your images and use them as backgrounds. For further instructions, see "Creating a Montage".

Step 3: Add Text to Your Design

  • See "Adding Text" for details on how to add horizontal, vertical or circular text to your design.
  • If you want to use iTunes Track information (see Step 4, below), we recommend you use one of the Pre-designed Text Layouts.
  • You can change font, size and color of text areas. See "Formatting Text".

Step 4: Importing iTunes Track Information

DiscLabel can easily import track information from iTunes, including song titles and artist names.

  • You need a text field in your design to display track information. The easiest way to do this is to click on Text Layout text layout and add one of the Pre-designed Text Layouts.

  • Click on Tracks tracks to get started choosing the iTunes playlist you want to import.

  • See "Importing and Editing Tracks from iTunes" for the detailed instructions.

Step 5: Inserting Additional Images, Clip Art, Drawing Objects

  • To import images (from iPhoto, the Finder, or other sources), see "Importing Images" for instructions.
  • To add clip art, see "Using Clip Art" for instructions.
  • To add rectangles, ellipses, lines, scribbles and polygon shapes, see "Drawing Objects" for an overview of the drawing tools available in DiscLabel.

Step 6: Printing

Once you are satisfied with the changes you've made to your design, you're ready to print. Click Printing printing button to switch into Print Mode.

  • See "Selecting Print Media" for instructions on selecting the CD labels, jewel case inserts or other media that you want to print your designs to.
  • See "Print Setup and Printing" for instructions on placing your designs into the media for printing.




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