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Help: What's New in This Version?

We've been hard at work since DiscLabel 1.0, listening to your feedback and continually making DiscLabel a better product. We hope you enjoy the results!

DiscLabel 6.4.1 (27-August-2012)

  • Fixes issue with saving on quit on Mountain Lion

DiscLabel 6.4 (3-November-2011)

  • Adds position inspector to specify exact placement of design objects
  • Allows importing track data containing irregular characters
  • Fixes issue with partially hidden controls in elements list on Lion

DiscLabel 6.3.3 (4-August-2011)

  • Fixes crash when applying effects on Lion
  • Fixes clip art access for affected users
  • Adds new WHSmith paper

DiscLabel 6.3.2 (6-July-2011)

  • Minor fix in preparation for Lion

DiscLabel 6.3.1 (17-March-2011)

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes
  • Adds support for Microboards printers

DiscLabel 6.3 (6-January-2011)

  • First Mac App Store release

DiscLabel 6.2.4 (9-November-2010)

  • Cut marks more visible for cutting, less visible on end product
  • Makes layer effect indicator more accurate
  • Fixes some issues with Undo of text operations
  • Resolves problem with special characters in layer names
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 6.2.3 (2-September-2010)

  • Fixed problem importing tracks from iTunes 10

DiscLabel 6.2.2 (6-May-2010)

  • Fixed problem with access to help
  • Fixed problem with access to template downloads

DiscLabel 6.2.1 (6-May-2010)

  • Switched to FastSpring for in-product purchases
  • Improved error handling
  • Minor fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 6.2 (18-November-2009)

  • 10 New Holidays & Celebrations Templates
  • Layer names can be edited
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 6.1 (4-November-2009)

  • Photo import from your Flickr account
  • Dragging items into the gray area outside the design element deletes them
  • Cut marks on Plain Paper output are now still visible after the first cut
  • Command-option-I shows and hides the Inspector palette
  • Layer tab sizing improved with many layers
  • Simplified clicking to show and hide layers
  • Option-clicking on a layer shows or hides all other layers
  • Fixed missing or mis-categorized templates
  • Various other bug fixes

DiscLabel 6.0.3 (17-September-2009)

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 6.0.2 (31-August-2009)

  • Bug fixes for Snow Leopard

DiscLabel 6.0.1 (17-June-2009)

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 6.0 (27-May-2009)

  • 80 additional professionally-designed template sets now included; new themes include business, professional, music, and special occasion designs
  • Simplified interface for creating new designs and selecting templates
  • Enhanced image import palette offers multiple options for inserting images and can add images into all label and packaging design elements simultaneously
  • New inspector palette for easy editing of object, image, and text properties
  • Powerful and flexible new montage tool for creating a wide variety of photo montages and adding them to design elements
  • Improved random design generator can modify all design elements in one step
  • Sparkle automatic software updating

DiscLabel 5.4.1 (10-December-2008)

  • Added new opacity filter to the Image and Layer Effects dialog; enables transparency for an entire layer
  • Fixes various issues including deleting designs from the design list & intermittent shadow drawing on images

DiscLabel 5.4 (20-November-2008)

  • 15 new free template designs for holidays, gifts, and business
  • Multiple selection in design list allows more efficient project organization
  • Option to sort design list folder alphabetically
  • Beta support for zoom, swipe, and rotate gestures on compatible hardware

DiscLabel 5.3 (23-October-2008)

  • Support for importing photos from Aperture
  • Allows selection from multiple iPhoto libraries when importing
  • Adds Blu-ray design elements for design and printing
  • Various other bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.2.4 (28-August-2008)

  • Bug fixes for iPhoto 6.0.6

DiscLabel 5.2.3 (3-July-2008)

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.2.2 (28-May-2008)

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.2.1 (24-Apr-2008)

  • Added support for Dymo DiscPainter direct-to-CD printer
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.2 (10-Apr-2008)

  • Faster image library loading
  • Image import handles iPhoto Events
  • Simplified initial access to Media
  • Media search capability
  • Improvements for text layout and compatibility with OS X 10.5.2
  • Enhanced UI for image effects panel

DiscLabel 5.1.2 (21-Feb-2008)

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.1.1 (10-Jan-2008)

  • Miscellaneous printing improvements
  • Various minor enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.1 (19-Dec-2007)

  • Fixes to font formatting with problem fonts in Leopard
  • Contextual menu adds functions for thumbnails in Media view
  • Contextual menu added to Edit view
  • Wave image filter effect
  • Improvements to object selection via Edit->Select Item Behind
  • Layer Effects display optimized
  • Other Bug fixes

DiscLabel 5.0 (14-Nov-2007)

  • High quality scalable clip art (1300+ items, additional 12MB download)
  • Advanced tag and keyword browsing interface for clip art
  • More templates for greater design flexibility
  • Layer effects allow all objects, including text, to have special graphical effects applied to them
  • Simplified image import user interface
  • Spotlight module for indexing tagged scalable vector graphics (SVG) clip art
  • Various other fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 4.4.2 (29-Oct-2007)

  • Fix import / export for Leopard

DiscLabel 4.4.1 (18-Oct-2007)

  • Fixes printing for core labels
  • Improvements when importing images from folders containing hundreds of images
  • Handles color profile information when importing images

DiscLabel 4.4 (4-Sept-2007)

  • Adjustable LightScribe image contrast
  • Support for papers with custom label sizes
  • Additional media, and Canon printer tray E support
  • Various other improvements

DiscLabel 4.3 (26-June-2007)

  • Major usability enhancements to image effects
  • Import Image will import images from iDVD themes
  • Miscellaneous printing improvements

DiscLabel 4.2.1 (10-May-2007)

  • Minor fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 4.2  (1-May-2007)

  • New Effects and Filters dialog for more flexible image manipulation
  • Stroke the edge of an image
  • Add shadows to any object
  • Support for printing HP CD/DVD Tattoos
  • Text Palette UI improvements

DiscLabel 4.1.2  (22-Feb-2007)

  • Additional grab handles on objects
  • Rotate via grab handle
  • Contextual menu on design element list in Edit
  • Preference to rasterize printing output
  • Minor fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 4.1.1  (4-Jan-2007)

  • Paste & Match Style
  • Fixed undo problem with text
  • Fixed issue with special characters in design names
  • Text changes are always saved when changing views
  • Minor fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 4.1  (14-Dec-2006)

  • Circular pie image montage
  • Support for HP direct-to-disc printers
  • BMP and PNG file export
  • Preference to turn off automatic display of text palette
  • Improved support for Canon direct-to-disc printers
  • Additional cursor feedback while editing
  • Bug fixes and improvements to text editing and graphics importing

DiscLabel 4.0  (16-Nov-2006)

  • Simplified and more flexible new design creation
  • Improved user interface
  • View & select design elements in concert with design
  • Text editing user interface simplified and improved
  • Smooth color gradients for objects and text
  • Hand-drawn scribbles and polygons
  • Multiple layers for design creation. Copy and paste all layers
  • Additional improvements too numerous to mention

DiscLabel 3.3.2  (14-Sep-2006)

  • New template pack: Music Pack 3
  • Fixed track length import from iTunes 7
  • .Mac is no longer requested to access My Templates

DiscLabel 3.3.1  (13-Jul-2006)

  • Various minor enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 3.3  (15-Jun-2006)

  • Share templates via .Mac (see .Mac in DiscLabel's preferences)
  • English help is now searchable in Help Viewer
  • Single disk image for all languages
  • Fixed problem when switching between Media and Edit

DiscLabel 3.2  (18-May-2006)

  • Designs can have multiple design elements of the same kind, enabling designs with double-albums and multi-page booklets
  • Media view shows each element of a design, making it easier to apply specific elements to label sheets
  • "Import PDF Booklet" command allows you to import a Digital booklet, such as those purchased in iTunes
  • Improved speed when importing photos from iPhoto
  • Bleeds no longer print over labels that share a border

DiscLabel 3.1.1  (4-April-2006)

  • New "Music Pack 2" available, a for-purchase Music Template Pack
  • Improved handling of Page Setup dialog for printing direct to CD
  • Various minor enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 3.1  (9-March-2006)

  • Precise adjustment of printed area for direct-to-disc printing
  • Various minor enhancements and bug fixes

DiscLabel 3.0.2  (26-January-2006)

  • Universal Binary (runs native on Intel and PowerPC)
  • Fixed iPhoto import scripts to work with iPhoto 6
  • Added new iDVD 6 import script

DiscLabel 3.0.1  (05-January-2006)

  • Enhanced “Edit Media List...’ interface
  • Improved montage performance
  • Bug fixes and improvements

DiscLabel 3.0  (01-December-2006)

  • Folders for organizing your designs
  • Factory function, for fast, automatic generation of label designs
  • Design Elements selector, to view & select from all the elements of your design together (CD label, Jewel case, DVD cases, and many others)
  • Creates and prints CD label of purchased iTunes Music Store album from demo, without requiring DiscLabel purchase
  • Media setup, so you can customize media choices to only those you use
  • Enhanced media display for ease of matching labels with designs
  • Many new text templates to select for your designs
  • Improved UI look and feel
  • Sepia image filter
  • Text outlines, baseline adjustment, superscript & subscript
  • Many other enhancements & bug fixes
  • OS X 10.4 and above only

DiscLabel 2.4.1  (18 October-2006)

  • Sizes and scales images imported via AppleScript
  • Get and set current design via AppleScript
  • Get and set graphic item layer via AppleScript
  • Support for EPSON R1800/RX700 direct-to-disc printers

DiscLabel 2.4  (7-September-2006)

  • LightScribe printing support (Tiger only)
  • Apply CoreImage filters to your artwork (Tiger only)
  • Spotlight support (Tiger only)
  • Several minor enhancements & bug fixes

DiscLabel 2.3.2  (2-June-2006)

  • Special Occasions Pack (June 2006)
  • Minor enhancements & bug fixes

DiscLabel 2.3.1  (28-Apr-2006)

  • Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) compatible

DiscLabel 2.3  (2-Mar-2006)

  • Purchase additional professionally-designed Template Packs
  • Text kerning is now supported
  • Downloaded templates are available even when offline
  • Added support for Epson R320 direct-to-CD printer
  • Supports CMYK images
  • Improved compatibility with iLife '05
  • Minor additional fixes

DiscLabel 2.2.1  (7-Dec-2004)

  • Four new professionally-designed holiday templates (our holiday gift to you)
  • Improved accessibility for downloading templates via the Internet

DiscLabel 2.2  (19-Oct-2004)

  • More downloadable templates (art by Terence Nordyke)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved reliability
  • Cut & paste in text objects fixed

DiscLabel 2.1  (24-Jun-2004)

  • Improved overall performance
  • Additional montage options
  • Add images to montages via drag & drop
  • More downloadable templates

DiscLabel 2.0  (13-May-2004)

  • Combine different text and image layouts easily in foreground / background layers
  • Arrange and distribute objects
  • Use masking and soft focus to spice up your images
  • Combine multiple images into a montage
  • Import images on a per-track basis and use them in your designs
  • Export designs to PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats
  • Print inserts, covers, and booklets on plain paper
  • Share templates via Rendezvous
  • Design and print Super Jewel Box CD and DVD elements
  • See visual cursor feedback for edit functions
  • Constrain objects to the design edge or not - your choice
  • Customize inner and outer boundaries for text on discs
  • Import tracks directly from audio CDs
  • Import tracks from Rendezvous shared playlists
  • Set keyboard increment, constrain angle, and gridline placement (in Edit preferences)
  • Access external folders of templates (in Sharing preferences)
  • Specify print bleed (in Paper preferences)
  • Use BPM (beats per minute) tag in track lists
  • Option-drag to fill all eligible label slots with copies of the dragged design
  • Calibrate your printer with our clear and easy instruction sheet
  • Check for updates automatically (in Update preferences)

DiscLabel 1.3  (5-Jan-2004)

  • DiscLabel Store
  • Hierarchical paper menu
  • Image library (DiscLabel NEATO Edition CD)
  • Other minor fixes / updates

DiscLabel 1.2.1  (28-Oct-2003)

  • Fixed problem with scripting under Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

DiscLabel 1.2  (7-Oct-2003)

  • Import of track lists from CSV files
  • Import of iTunes album / track art
  • Script menu

DiscLabel 1.1  (3-Sep-2003)

  • A wide variety of new label types and papers are now supported. These include: Business card CDs, 80mm CDs & Digital Vinyl CDs, DVD inserts, Slim Jewel Case Inserts, CD Cores & hubs, and VHS labels
  • Circular text can now track inside the curve in addition to outside, and supports underlining
  • Help can be auto-updated via the internet
  • New shortcuts for unlock, zoom-in, zoom-out, fit to window, & increase/decrease text pointsize
  • English help is enhanced
  • Imported images > 72dpi render correctly on screen & scale to cover the bleed
  • Tags in the Japanese version have been changed, and now allow any font to be selected
  • Redraw performance has improved
  • Various text sizing and rendering issues have been addressed
  • Miscellaneous other bugs addressed

DiscLabel 1.0.1  (12-Aug-2003)

  • Fixed crash on import from iTunes in low resource conditions
  • Improved speed of iPhoto image import
  • Fixed problem saving imported PSD (Photoshop) files
  • Print Outlines now shows exact label dimensions and bleed
  • Fixed possible hang when changing template category
  • Several other bug fixes

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