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Help: Editing

Editing with the Library

Use the Library to:

  • Add saved custom shapes, scribbles and formatted text boxes.
  • Add images from your Photo library.
  • Add stamps like “Confidential”, “Sign Here”, and “Draft.”
  • Add proofreading marks from an included selection.


Save commonly used images, text, proofing marks, or scribbles for quick retrieval.

  1. Tap an object to select it.
  2. Tap “Library” then “Custom.”
  3. Tap the “+” to add the selected object.

Tap “Edit” to delete and reorder your objects. Tap the minus on the left to delete, tap and drag the reorder grip on the right to reorder.



Import images from available photos on your device using the Library. Alternately, drag and drop an image from another app on a drag and drop enabled device running iOS 11 or later. Tap “Info” in the editing bar to adjust the opacity or move an image in front or behind other objects.


The library contains a variety of stamps to add to your document. Some stamps will include the document's Author name when added, or the current date. See Annotation Author to change the author name.


Proofreading Marks

PDFpen comes with a compilation of proofreading marks. Tap to add one to a document. For more impact, add a color to your mark using the Info menu.



Add text to your document in the form of text boxes, comments, or notes. You may drag and drop text between apps on a drag and drop enabled device running iOS 11 and later. This includes rich text.

  • Text Boxes
    Use a Text Box to add inline text to a document. This type of text box is meant to blend in with the rest of the PDF text.
  • Comments
    Use a Comment like a sticky note on a document. Make it stand out by adding a background color. Tap the color picker in the Editing bar for text and background color properties.
  • Notes
    Use a Note to add text that is kept out of the way. The Note icon can by placed anywhere on the document. Double tap it to hide or reveal the accompanying text box. You will see the date and time created as well as the Author’s name, helpful if the document is being edited by a team. See Annotation Author to edit the author's name.


To delete images, proofing marks (non-text objects) : Tap to select the object. Tap and hold until the context menu appears. Tap “Delete.”

Note: You can edit and remove an image from the original document, not just one you have added yourself. To select an image that was part of the original document tap and hold for a short time to reveal selection handles and the context menu.

To delete text objects : Tap to select the text field and the context menu will appear. Tap “Delete.”

Using the Context menu

To get to the context menu, tap and hold for a short time to select that word, then you will see the menu appear. Arrow through the menu options: copy text, use the Highlight markup tool, look up the Definition of the selected word using the Dictionary, or use the Correct Text feature.

context menu

Correct Text

To change the inline text of a document, use Correct Text. Tap Correct Text from the context menu and the line or paragraph you have selected will become editable text.


Opens the built-in Dictionary to find the definition of the highlighted word.


Use highlight mode to make continuous highlights by using the markup tool Highlight , or highlight selected text using the context menu. Select as much text as you like, then tap “Highlight” in the context menu. Change the color of the highlight using the color picker in the editing bar.

Copy / Paste

To copy an item tap “Copy” in the context menu. To paste, tap and hold at your destination until the context menu appears. Tap “Paste.” If you are pasting text, tap in a text field to show the context menu and tap “Paste.” If you are pasting an object, tap and hold in a blank space in your document.




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