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Help: Markup / Writing

Highlight and draw your own annotations with the markup tools.

Begin Markup Mode: Tap on a markup tool to begin markup mode. Tap on another tool in the toolbar or editing bar to switch to it. As you switch between tools each will remember its color setting. All tools will operate continuously until you switch to another or end markup mode.

End Markup Mode: Once you are done drawing close the editing bar by tapping the up-arrow on its far right-hand side.

Highlight, Underline, Squiggle, Strikethrough

Drag your finger along the text of your document to add a mark exactly inline with the text. If your document does not have recognizable text, freeform highlighting means the highlight will follow your finger. Freeform highlighting only works with highlight, not underline, squiggle, or strikethrough.

Edit the color for your mark, or switch between markup styles, using the editing bar.

Delete a mark by exiting markup mode and tapping and holding on the mark. A content menu will appear, then tap “Delete.”

Scribble tool

Write on your document with a finger or stylus. Use it to write a signature, make correction marks, or draw any free-hand shape. Change the color and stroke of your line as you draw using the editing bar.

Edit your scribble once out of markup mode by tapping and holding on it. Cut, copy or delete it using the context menu, or change the color, stroke, or layer arrangement in the editing bar.

Polygon tool

Tap to place each corner of your multi-sided shape. Double tap to close a polygon.


Highlight, underline, squiggle, and strikethrough : Tap and hold on the markup. A context menu will appear. Tap “Delete.”

Scribble and Polygon tool : Tap your scribble to select it. A context menu appears. Tap “Cut.”

Palm/Wrist Protection

Write and scribble while your document is protected from your palm writing with you. Palm protection is available with writing tools while in markup mode. When it is available with a tool, you will see the hand symbol in the editing bar. Palm protection is only on the iPad.

Begin Palm Protection mode: When any of the writing tools are active you will see a hand symbol in the editing bar next to the stroke style and color picker. Tap it to begin and end palm protection mode.
Alternately, tap the very left or right edge of the screen to begin palm protection mode.

Two horizontal protection bars will appear. Above and below the protection bars it is safe to rest your palm while you write between them. Reposition the protection bars by dragging them into place using the arrows on the ends.

End Palm Protection mode: Tap the hand symbol in the editing bar to end palm protection mode. Alternately, drag the two protection bars together by dragging the arrows on the ends.




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