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Help: Using a Pressure-Sensitive Stylus

PDFpen supports the following pressure-sensitive and bluetooth styluses:

  • Apple Pencil
  • Pencil by FiftyThree
  • Wacom Pressure-Sensitive Stylus
  • Jot Touch and Jot Script from Adonit
  • Pogo Connect from Ten One Design
  • JaJa Stylus from HEX3

See our Styluses Page for the latest updates.

Once configured, PDFpen will work with your pressure-sensitive stylus while using the Scribble tool in markup mode. For a stylus that supports pressure, pressure of the stylus varies the strokes drawn providing a remarkable hand-crafted look to your drawing and writing. If your stylus supports pressure and you don’t see that, check connection settings using the setup steps below.

Configure PDFpen with your stylus

  1. Tap “Tools” > “Settings” > “Stylus”
  2. Select a stylus from the list
    For bluetooth pens Wacom, Jot and Pogo Connect, turn on bluetooth in the iOS Settings app of your iPhone or iPad
    For older Jot Touch pens you’ll need to pair the device with the pen in the iOS Settings app
    For Jot Script pens use the Jot Touch settings, though the Script does not include pressure-sensitivity
  3. In the “Stylus” settings select a handwriting posture
    This is used to filter out touches from the hand when using a pressure-sensitive stylus that does not have that capability built-in. There may be occasional mistakes, Undo is in the upper left.
  4. Tap the scribble tool to start writing

Stylus Status Indicator

Once a stylus is setup, notice the stylus button in the editing bar. With a bluetooth stylus it indicates whether the stylus is connected or not. If disconnected, hold down the buttons on the stylus to turn it on and connect.

Tap the stylus button to show additional connection settings.

For the Pogo Connect tap the stylus button to see a menu to connect your stylus and set auto-connect settings. With auto-connect turned on the Pogo Connect will reconnect on wake-up by pressing the stylus button.

PDFpen also supports the stylus buttons. Depending on the stylus the button function is configurable. By default a single button will change color, and a second button performs undo.




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