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Help: AppleScript

PDFpenPro includes extensive AppleScript support so that it's possible to automate the PDF manipulation process.

Example scripts are included with the application. Click on the AppleScript icon applescriptin the menu to see the included scripts.

PDFpenPro example scripts may be found in [HOME]/Library/Application Support/PDFpenPro/Scripts. The Scripts folder appears after you've run PDFpenPro at least once.

    Combine PDFs See Combine PDFs for more.

    Cover Fax Header Cover up the unwanted header of a fax. Choose the amount of space below the top of the page that needs to be covered in increments of 72nds of an inch. Note that the header is not erased, merely covered with an opaque white rectangle.

    Export Form Data… Export to view the data generated from a filled out form. Data is exported in .cvs format, which can be changed by editing the AppleScript.

    Imprint all Pages as First Copy an imprint made on the first page of a document to all pages.

    Imprint all Pages with Image Place an image on all pages of a document.

    Imprint all Pages with Text Place a selection of text on each page of a document, E.g. Draft.

    Merge Every Other Combine odd and even page numbered PDFs. See Combine PDFs for more.

    Number Pages using Bates Numbering… Add page numbers using bates numbering. See Number Pages for more.

    Number Pages Add page numbers to your document. See Number Pages for more.

    Remove All Imprints Remove all imprint additions that you have made to a PDF. See Imprints for more.

    Reverse Pages Reverse the order of pages, so the last page is viewed first, and the first page is viewed last.

    Split PDF Divide a PDF, making each page a separate document.

The Combine PDFs and Split PDF scripts are implemented as droplets (items onto which you may drop files). You may copy them to your Desktop from the folder above if you wish to combine or split PDF files from the Finder.

You may view the application AppleScript dictionary by dragging the PDFpenPro application onto the Script Editor icon.

If you create a script you'd like to share with other PDFpenPro customers, please let us know. You're welcome to send such scripts to support.






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