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Help: iCloud

Manage your PDF documents on iCloud

PDFpen and PDFpenPro, when purchased directly from Smile, do not have access to iCloud. Only applications purchased from Apple's Mac App Store are allowed access to iCloud.

Opening Documents

To open a document, choose File -> Open in iCloud…, select the document in the iCloud Documents window, and press Open. Currently, only single selection is supported, as you may be prompted to resolve conflicts. You can also hold the command key (⌘) and press Return.

Moving Documents to iCloud

To move a document from local storage to iCloud, choose Move to iCloud from the File menu.

Removing Documents from iCloud

To remove a document from iCloud and move it to local storage, choose Remove from iCloud from the File menu.

Creating Folders on iCloud

To create folders on iCloud, click and hold then drag the documents and folders onto another document. The result will be a new folder containing all of the items. Note: Currently, folders on iCloud are limited to one level in depth.

Moving Documents on iCloud

To move documents on iCloud, click and hold then drag the documents to their destination. You may use the items in the hierarchy at the top of the window as destinations.

Integration with PDFpen for iPad

If you have PDFpen for iPad, you can set it to use iCloud to store and manage your documents via the Settings item under the Tools icon. You can use PDFpen or PDFpenPro (purchased from the Mac App Store) to manage the PDFpen documents on iCloud from your Mac.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7.2 or above, and an Apple ID with an iCloud account.

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