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Help: Preferences

Open the Preferences by selecting PDFpenPro from the menu bar, and choosing Preferences... from the drop down menu.

General Preferences

  • Define 100% scale as:
    Choose how to display PDF documents using either of the following options:
    • 1 point equals 1 screen pixel size
      Choose this option to display a PDF document at different dimensions depending on the screen's resolution.
    • Size on screen equals size on printout
      Choose this option to display a PDF document at the same dimension regardless of the screen's resolution.
  • Initial window size:
    Set PDFpenPro to open a document sized to page height or screen height.
  • Initial sidebar mode:
    Choose the initial display mode of the sidebar when opening a new document.
  • Default view:
    Choose Single Page or Facing Pages.
  • Facing Pages:
    Choose whether facing pages display by starting with the cover (one page), or a two page spread.
  • Remember last page viewed for previously opened documents:
    Checked by default

Editing Preferences

  • Default Font:
    Choose the default text font and size that any of the tools which insert text (Markup Tools, Text Field Tool) use. To change that default, click the Select… button, and choose a new font or size from the Font window.
  • Keyboard Increment:
    Choose the keyboard increment, that is, the amount the arrow keys will move an object.
  • Gridline every:
    Set the distance between gridlines. Go through the Arrange menu to turn grid on and off.
  • Measurement units:
    Select Keyboard Increment and Gridline units, either points, millimeters, or inches.
  • Keep tools selected after use:
    When checked, sets Markup, Drawing, and Form Elements tools to continuous use with one click. To quit the tool while in continuous use, click on the Selection tool. If you have this feature unchecked, the tool will stay active for a single use, then revert back to the Edit tool. To activate continuous use from single use mode, double-click on the tool.
  • Lock large images automatically:
    PDFpenPro can lock large images that it detects. This is useful when working with scanned documents. Default is set to Lock images ‘Large enough to fill the page.’ Can be set to Always, or Never.
  • Custom highlight color:
    Create a custom highlight color. (See Markup: Highlighting, Underscore, Strikethrough and Squiggle)
  • Add name to annotations:
    When checked, adds the value in the Name field below as the name property of any new annotations that are added to the current document.
  • Name:
    The name that will be used as the name property of new annotations.
    Defaults to the currently logged-in full user name.


  • Prompt for OCR when opening a scanned document:
    Checked by default.
  • Perform OCR when selecting text on a scanned page:
    Checked by default.
  • Languages to recognize:
    Check which languages you want to be recognized by OCR.
  • OCR completed sound:
    Select the sound to be played after a successful OCR.
  • OCR failed sound:
    Select the sound to be played after a failed OCR.


  • Check for Updates:
    PDFpenPro can check for updates when it is launched. Set how often you want to check for updates. Updates within a version number are free to registered users of that version. (We reserve the right to change our update policy.)
  • Include anonymous system profile information:
    Allow information (Mac OS X version, Mac model, CPU, etc.) to be sent anonymously during update checks.


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