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Help: Printing

It is recommended before any attempt to print that you go to File > Page Setup and make sure the settings are correct for your current print project.

PDFpenPro can handle documents with variable page sizes within the document. Such pages should be printed separately with the appropriate Page Setup for them.

See Print Notes and Comments to:

  • Print notes and comments.
  • Use printed Comments to fill out a preprinted form.

When printing Notes, the page is scaled down in size and the Notes are listed along the bottom of the page. PDFpenPro will not scale pages up so that one page will print tiled over several sheets.

Note: If you are not a registered user, a watermark will be stamped on your saved document and prints.

Once you purchase and register, opening a file that was saved with a watermark and then resaving it will remove the watermark from the file.





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