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We've been hard at work since PageSender 1.0 listening to your feedback and continually making PageSender a better product. We hope you enjoy the results!

PageSender 4.6  (22-Apr-2010)

  • Added eight additional fax-via-email services:
    • Concord Fax
    • Rogers Business Internet Fax (Canada)
    • SRFax (Canada)
    • Soho66 (UK)
    • Faxmate (Australia)
    • Singtel (Singapore)
    • (Switzerland)
    • Axiatel (Worldwide)
  • Switched in-product purchasing to FastSpring
  • Fixed possible hang when viewing incomplete received faxes
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.5.5  (7-Oct-2009)

  • Fixed fax sending on Snow Leopard for older Intel-based Macs
  • Fixed interface display for PageSender-Fax on Tiger

PageSender 4.5.4  (4-Sep-2009)

  • Restores fax compression on Snow Leopard

PageSender 4.5.3  (29-Aug-2009)

  • Fixes imaging problem on Snow Leopard (you can re-send failed faxes)

PageSender 4.5.2  (28-Aug-2009)

  • Fixes crash previewing fax covers on Snow Leopard in 64-bit apps
  • Fixes problem with sending email via on Snow Leopard
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.5.1  (24-Jun-2009)

  • Fixed a networking issue which could cause the PageSender print queue to stall
  • Updated the Fax from Script AppleScript example
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.5  (28-Apr-2009)

  • Sparkle support for in-application updating
  • fax-via-email support
  • Fixed interaction problem with Preview on Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.4  (4-Feb-2009)

  • Added several fax-via-Email services: Faxaway, Ring Central, MetroFax (US), TrustFax (US), Fax FX (South Africa)
  • Supports QuickBooks 2009 and other applications which use garbage-collected memory management
  • Supports 64-bit applications in preparation for Snow Leopard
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.3.1  (9-July-2008)

  • Improved access to Address Book panel in Carbon applications (e.g. Word, Adobe Reader, etc.) under Leopard (10.5+)
  • Improved printing from Adobe applications
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.3  (13-May-2008)

  • Add menu item to clear recent faxes list
  • Add menu item to clear recent Email list
  • Clear search results when Tab key is pressed
  • Fix problem with ordering recent faxes
  • Handle company-only search results properly
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.2.2  (4-March-2008)

  • Added checkbox for “cover page only” sending
  • Fixed potential issue with access to cover page options
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.2.1  (10-January-2008)

  • Fixed additional cover page hang in Carbon-based apps

PageSender 4.2  (18-December-2007)

  • Support for,, and fax-via-Email services
  • Improved reliability when switching to PageSender Fax pane
  • Fixed cover page hang on PowerPC-based Macs
  • Closes search results when window is moved or dismissed
  • Allows non-US characters in dragged vCards
  • Fixed incorrect recent items beahvior
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.1.1  (29-October-2007)

  • Fix receive on Leopard

PageSender 4.1  (23-October-2007)

  • Leopard compatible
  • Improved printing speed and reliability
  • Fixed some Leopard-specific visual glitches
  • Fixed bug in cover page field substitution

PageSender 4.0.3  (17-July-2007)

  • Print on Receive prints all pages (4.0.2 was printing only the first)
  • Print on Send or Receive respects printer preference
  • Hangup on Spam no longer disables receive
  • Other minor fixes

PageSender 4.0.2  (30-May-2007)

  • Added support for GyazMail as Email client
  • Added support for RapidFax fax-via-Email service
  • Fixed problem with PageSender-Fax queue stopping
  • Dismiss search results when switching tabs
  • Fixed skewed printing of sent faxes
  • Other minor fixes

PageSender 4.0.1  (15-May-2007)

  • Address Book panel works in Carbon apps (e.g. Word, FileMaker Pro, etc.)
  • Live addressing works in Carbon apps
  • Cover page messages can have returns
  • Create new recipients by clicking in the address list
  • MaxEmail and EasyLink work as selected
  • Fixed problem with quitting PageSender Fax Center
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PageSender 4.0  (8-May-2007)

  • Spam filtering
  • PDF cover pages
  • Direct lookup in Address Book (no launching)
  • Preview faxes in PageSender Fax Center
  • Preview cover page in print dialog
  • More space for cover message in print dialog
  • Font and style support for cover message
  • Enhanced performance with Printer Sharing
  • Improved PageSender Fax Center user interface

PageSender 3.5.4  (31-January-2006)

  • Universal Binary (runs native on Intel and PowerPC)
  • Fixed problem with Email preferences

PageSender 3.5.3  (18-October-2005)

  • Updated drag & drop support for Now Contact 5
  • Fixed problem with faxes dropped from print queue

PageSender 3.5.3  (18-October-2005)

  • Updated drag & drop support for Now Contact 5
  • Fixed problem with faxes dropped from print queue

PageSender 3.5.2  (27-September-2005)

  • Added drag & drop support to "Fax Files" Automator action (10.4+ only)
  • Fixed problem with blank company name when live addressing

PageSender 3.5.1  (24-August-2005)

  • Fixed problem of shrunken landscape-oriented faxes
  • Other minor bug fixes

PageSender 3.5  (12-July-2005)

  • Automator action to fax files (requires Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or later)
  • Send2Fax support
  • Attachments can be any Mac OS X-supported image format
  • Support for Growl <> notifications
  • Fax header is suppressed if Station Name is empty
  • Improved support for company-only Address Book vCards
  • Restores Send via Email functionality with no addresses
  • Renaming faxes including slashes (/) is now safe
  • Paused faxing status reported clearly in PageSender Fax Center
  • Additional minor improvements and bug fixes

PageSender 3.4  (12-April-2005)

  • Pause and resume faxing
  • Print folder contents
  • Sort history chronologically and in reverse
  • Keyboard shortcut to view faxes
  • AppleScript access to folder / fax selection
  • AppleScript support for auto-answer / rings preference
  • Breaks large group Emails into messages with 50 or fewer recipients
  • Several minor bug fixes

PageSender 3.3.1  (1-Feb-2005)

  • Progress bar on Dock icon updates properly
  • Setup PageSender from print dialog popup works properly
  • Fixed post-registration problem on Italian systems

PageSender 3.3  (2-Nov-2004)

  • Attachments button (see Send via Fax / Advanced Features in Help)
  • Double-click renaming in To / From column renames underlying document
  • ⌘, key equivalent for Preferences in PageSender Fax Center
  • Deleting items from In folder deletes underlying folders (less clutter)
  • Creating locations based on existing locations now works properly
  • Help section on "Using Calling Cards with PageSender"
  • Cover page accurately reflects sender when using Printer Sharing
  • Using Print button in Preview no longer watermarks outgoing faxes
  • Ampersands no longer disrupt History (broken histories are fixed automatically)
  • Added workaround for use with 4D
  • Fixed some vCard crashing bugs
  • Cool new icon

PageSender 3.2  (17-Feb-2004)

  • Location-specific preferences (Location submenu under PageSender Fax Center menu)
  • Live addressing support for Company name
  • Drag & drop support for address list text files (comma or tab delimited)
  • Set preferred applications to view sent & received faxes
  • Print Confirmation added to File menu (print send confirmations at a later time)
  • EasyLink UK now supported
  • Duplicate extensions are suppressed when Emailing (no more .fp5.pdf files)
  • Attachments are supported in AppleScript envelope presets
  • History reports page count more accurately for failures
  • No longer Emails blank pages for hangups
  • Numerous other minor improvements

PageSender 3.1.2  (10-Dec-2003)

  • Fixes display of progress bar and unread fax indicator on Dock icon in Panther
  • Other minor bug fixes

PageSender 3.1.1  (7-Oct-2003)

  • Added toggle for "Use more restrictive modem in use checking" to Modem preferences
  • Manual Send button is re-enabled after each manual send
  • No longer use default cover page in place of custom cover pages
  • Fixed problem displaying preferences when certain 3rd party wireless cards are installed
  • Other minor bug fixes

PageSender 3.1  (2-Sep-2003)

PageSender 3.0.1  (8-Apr-2003)

  • Fixed "disappearing folders" bug (and restores lost folders)
  • When printing sent faxes, prints each page (instead of first page repeatedly)
  • Preferences window remembers position and last preference pane
  • When printing partial-page faxes, doesn't stretch them
  • No longer shows double entries in History
  • Canceling eSellerate purchase no longer shows error dialog
  • Several other bug fixes

PageSender 3.0  (11-Mar-2003)

  • Folders (in, out, sent, trash, user-defined archive folders)
  • Printable fax history
  • French localization
  • Sent fax actions (in the Send pane of PageSender Fax Center preferences)
  • Dial x for extension (e.g. x1234) disables Smart Dialing
  • Dates & times respect settings in System Preferences
  • Fixed problems sending to >20 recipients on single machine
  • Fixed problems receiving from Brother-branded fax machines
  • Fixed comma-escaping in drag & drop vCards

PageSender 2.3.1  (14-Jan-2003)

  • Sending from AppleScripts and FileMaker Pro no longer includes watermark for registered users
  • Prefilling the envelope via AppleScript is fixed
  • Reports station name to sending fax device when receiving
  • Updates unread count properly when "Open in PDF viewer" is checked
  • Fixes problem recognizing some Kagi-generated serial numbers
  • Fixes update problem with scroll bars when launching PageSender Fax Center

PageSender 2.3  (30-Dec-2002)

  • Italian localization
  • Progress bar
  • Abort button
  • Unread fax indicator
  • Dock icon indicates unread fax count & sending progress
  • Per-recipient cover pages
  • Retry count and interval (in Dialing preferences)
  • Use with Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2+) Printer Sharing
  • Send & receive large format (Tabloid, A3) faxes
  • Fixed problem printing with Adobe InDesign
  • Fixded wake-from-sleep crash on newer iMacs and PowerMacs

PageSender 2.2  (29-Oct-2002)

PageSender 2.1  (17-Sep-2002)

PageSender 2.0  (20-Aug-2002)

PageSender 1.2  (16-Jul-2002)

  • Japanese Localization
  • Displays selected fax service when using "Send via fax"
  • Updates PageSender Fax Center preferences immediately
  • Renamed "Number" field to "A/C & Number" to clarify that area code is required
  • Numerous bug fixes & minor improvements

PageSender 1.1  (18-Jun-2002)

  • Multiple fax recipient & recent faxes support
  • Fax modem send support (via Unix efax utility)
  • Two-byte (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fax support for all fax services
  • Preference to copy yourself on PageSender Emails
  • MailSmith Email client, address book, drag & drop support
  • Now Contact address book, drag & drop support
  • Enhanced (and fixed bugs in) printing preset support
  • jConnect (formerly, jFax) service support
  • EasyLink (formerly, FaxSav) service support

PageSender 1.0 (23-Apr-2002)

  • First release

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