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Help: Editing Bar

Visible by default, hide or reveal the editing bar by choosing View > Hide Editing Bar, (Command+Shift+E).

Tools appear in Touch Bar on supported Macs.

PDFpenPro editingbar

Select Text select tool

Select text to copy or edit with correct text (Working With Text); use this tool to fill interactive PDF forms (Filling Out PDF Forms). This tool is selected by default when a document is opened.

Edit Tool edit tool

Select an image, text box or other object to move, resize, or delete (Editing Images, Formatting Text).

Precision Edit Tool edit tool

Double-click the Edit tool to turn on the Precision Edit tool. Select otherwise un-selectable objects and images. Select text line by line. Move, resize, or delete (Editing Images, Formatting Text).

Highlight Text Tool highlight tool

Drag over text to apply highlighting, strikethrough and other markup (Markup Text).

Select Rectangle Tool select rectangle

Select a region of a page. The region can be copied and pasted, or the page can be cropped to the selected region. (Selecting Part of a Page).

Measurements ruler

Measure the distance between two objects on the page. (Measurements).

Hand Tool hand

Pan around a document with a click and drag. Zoom in by pressing the Option key, zoom out with Command+Option.

Note on all following tools

For the Markup, Drawing, and Form Elements tools, you can double-click a tool to lock it on and use it continuously. Clicking the Select (arrow) tool will unlock your choice of tool. To make the continuous use feature automatic, go to Preferences > General. Preferences

Tools remember their last chosen colors and properties.

Markup Tools markup tab

markup tools
text tool

Text Tool
Insert a text box. (Adding Text)

scribble tool

Scribble Tool
Freehand drawing tool. (Adding Objects: Scribbles, Lines and Shapes)

Notes tool

Notes Tool
Add a note to a PDF. (Adding Notes and Comments)

comment tool

Comments Tool
Add a comment to a PDF. (Adding Notes and Comments)

cloud tool

Cloud Tool
Add a comment cloud to a PDF. (Adding Notes and Comments)

url link tool

Linking Tool
Add a link to an external URL. (Adding Links)


Attachment tool
Attach a file to a PDF. (Attachment tool).

audio button

Audio annotations tool
Add an audio note to a PDF. (Audio annotations).

Add color to the text, stroke, or fill of these objects using Object Properties (see below).

Drawing Tools tools tab (Adding Objects: Scribbles, Lines and Shapes)

PDFpenPro drawing tools
polygon tool

Polygon Tool
Draw polygonal shapes

rectangle tool

Rectangle Tool

ellipse tool

Ellipse Tool

line tool

Line Tool

rounded rectangle tool

Rounded Rectangle Tool

Add color, stroke style, and stroke weight to any of these objects using Object Properties (see below).

Form Elements form elements tab ( PDFpenPro Only; Creating PDF Forms)

PDFpenPro form elements menu
text field

Text Field Tool


Checkbox Tool

radio button

Radio Button Tool

choice field

Choice Field Tool

list field

List Field Tool

signature field

Signature Field

submit button

Submit Button Tool

Object Properties (Adding Objects: Scribbles, Lines and Shapes)

Tools remember their last chosen colors and properties.

object properties menu
object color

Object Color
Set the Fill and Stroke color of objects. Pick the font and background color of a text field.

stroke style

Stroke Style
Used for dotted and broken lines. Set the Start and Ending of a line to create an arrow.

stroke weight

Stroke Weight
Set the line weight of a scribble, line or border of a text field.

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