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Help: Printing

Page Setup

The first step of printing should be to visit File > Page Setup (Command+Shift+P) in case you need any special settings, or to double check the settings that you have now. If you are printing to a non-standard sized paper, or need to specify a special paper size, you can in File > Page Setup > Paper size. You should also select the printer you are using in this window.

While PDFpenPro can handle documents with variable page sizes within the document, such pages should be printed separately with the appropriate Page Setup for each.

Print Dialog

Once you are ready to print, go to File > Print (Command+P). This will bring up the Print Dialog. There are extra settings in the expanded Print Dialog. View them by clicking Show Details in the lower left corner of the dialog box. The last popup menu should be set to PDFpenPro for these options to show.

Print Dialog settings:


  • Automatically reduce large pages to fit paper size
    Checked automatically.
  • Automatically adjust printing orientation for best fit
    Checked automatically.
  • Append annotations summary (See Print Notes and Comments)
    A final page, or set of pages, will be added to your document with a list of annotations made to the document.
  • Print annotation summary only (See Print Notes and Comments)
    Print out a list of annotations, such as notes, comments, and highlighted text, without any of the original document.
  • Print comments comment tool (See Print Notes and Comments)
    Comment text boxes added to your document will be visible.
  • Printing Notes

  • Print notes Notes tool (See Print Notes and Comments)
    Any notes will be listed at the bottom of each page, like footnotes. The page will reduce in size to make room at the bottom, as indicated in the images to the right.
  • Print imprints only (See Print Notes and Comments)
    The original text of the document will not print. Only the imprints you have added will print. This works well when you only want to print out answer fields onto a pre-printed form. An imprint is anything you add to the document, text boxes, comments, notes, shapes, and free form scribbles.
  • PDF
    Look in the lower left corner of the Print Dialog, click on the PDF button. From there you can select Save as PDF… This will print your PDF to PDF instead of to paper, but with similar properties. Just like a paper print, all your annotations (comments, images, signatures, etc.) will be flattened on the document and uneditable.

Print Non-Continuous pages

To print only select pages, open the sidebar to Thumbnail view and Command-click on the pages you want to print. Choose File > Print.

Tiled Printing

PDFpenPro will not scale pages up so that one page will print tiled over several sheets.

Get Rid of PDFpenPro Watermark

If you are not a registered user, a watermark will be stamped on your saved document and prints.

Once you purchase and register you can get rid of that watermark.

  1. Open a file that was saved with a watermark.
  2. Resave that file. The watermark will disappear.

If you resave and that watermark does not go away, that likely means you did not save the PDF (File > Save, File > Save As…), but printed it as a PDF (File > Print > PDF > Save as PDF…). This acts the same as printing it to paper, and the watermark, along with any annotations, is permanent. Locate the version of your PDF from before you printed, and it will not have a watermark.

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