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Help: Font Bar

Reveal the Font Bar by choosing View > Show Font Bar. The Font Bar will appear directly under the Editing Bar. To hide the Font Bar, choose View > Hide Font Bar.

Font Bar


The current font will display. Click the down arrow to expand the menu and select a new font.


The current font size will display. Click the up or down arrows to expand the menu and select a new size, or click on the font size directly (a blinking cursor will appear) and type in a custom size.


The current typographical emphasis (if any) will display. Click on Bold, Italic, or Underline to select or deselect. Style selected will be highlighted in blue.


Current alignment will be displayed. Click to choose the alignment: Align Left, Center, Align Right, Justify.

The Font Bar will display the typeface, size and other properties of the selected text or newly created text imprint. (See Working with Text, Formatting Text).

Alternatively, typeface, size, and style is accessible by choosing Format > Font > Show Fonts (Command+T). Justification is accessible by choosing Format > Text.

Font Matching

PDFpenPro uses the macOS font matching machinery. PDFpenPro asks for the best match, and what it returns depends entirely on what is available on a user’s system. Adding more fonts on the macOS level improves matching. No software will be able to create font information from scratch that is neither present in the PDF nor available on the macOS.

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