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Help: iCloud

Open, save, and manage documents in iCloud and iCloud Drive. Items in your Library sync using iCloud.

Manage your PDF documents using iCloud Drive

From within PDFpenPro access documents in iCloud Drive via the File > Open and File > Save dialogs. You will see all the iCloud Drive folders just as you do in Finder.

Manage your PDF documents

Opening Documents

To open a document, choose File > Open. On the left of the Open File dialog is a list of sources, including iCloud Drive and the PDFpenPro iCloud folder. Select a document and press Open.

Moving Documents to and from iCloud

To move documents to/from local storage to iCloud, open a document in PDFpenPro, click the small arrow on the right of the document title, and pick a new location in the Where pop up menu.

Integration with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone

If you have PDFpen for iPad & iPhone, you can set it to use iCloud to store and manage your documents via the Settings item under the Tools icon. You can use PDFpenPro to manage the PDFpen documents on iCloud from your Mac.

System Requirements

macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later, and an Apple ID with an iCloud account.

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