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Help: Portfolios

Gather a group of files together into a single unit. You can select a wide range of file types (PDF, PNG, DOC, and more) to be part of a portfolio.

Open a Portfolio

Open a portfolio as you would any other PDF. See Opening and Creating PDF Files. It will open in PDFpenPro to the portfolio window just like any other document.

Create a Portfolio Document

  1. From the menu bar choose File > New > Portfolio Document.
  2. In the new portfolio window, click the "+" button and choose Add Files. If you would like your files in a folder, first create a folder by choosing New Folder. Then double-click on the folder to open it, and choose the "+" button to add files to the folder.

You cannot drag and drop files from the main folder into a sub-folder, so be sure to create any folders you want, then add files directly into those folders.


Switch views from a sub-folder to the main folder using the dropdown menu at the top of the window.

Preview a File

Preview the contents on a file by selecting it then clicking the Preview button


Remove a File

Remove a file from the portfolio by selecting it and clicking the "-" button.

Extract a File from the Porfolio

Save out a copy of a file by selecting it and clicking Extract As…

Open a File from a Portfolio

Double-click, or control-click, on a PDF file to open it in PDFpenPro, or click Open As New Document. To open other types of files, extract them and then open them using an app which supports that file type.

To open several PDFs at once, click and drag to select several, then choose Open As New Document. Each document will open in a new window.

Save a Newly Created Portfolio

Choose File > Save from the menu bar to open the save dialog.

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