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Help: Toolbar

Visible by default, hide and reveal the toolbar by choosing View > Hide Toolbar (Command+Shift+B). PDFpenPro provides a set of default toolbar items. Customize the items on the toolbar in a couple different ways.

  • Go to View > Customize Toolbar…
  • Control-click on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar… from the menu.


A. Sidebar menu sidebar button (Sidebar)

B. Zoom In/Out zoom buttons zoom buttons (View Options)

C. Scale Zoom in and out by percentage. (View Options)

D. Page Up/Down up button down button (View Options)

E. Page Type a page number to get to a page. (View Options)

F. Find sidebar_search (Searching Within a PDF)

G. Correct Text correct text (Correcting Text)

H. Add Highlighting, Underscore, Strikethrough highlight button
(Markup: Highlighting, Underline, Strikethrough)

I. Insert Image insert image (Adding Images)

J. Share Document share button (Sharing Documents

K. Open Inspector inspector button (Inspector)

L. Open Library library (Library)

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