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Help: Transitioning to PDFpenPro 12

Welcome to PDFpenPro 12! Here are a few new things you will see in this version.

We’re grateful to everyone who’s helped us with feedback over the years. Your contributions help make 12 one of the best PDF editors available for Mac. Keep your comments coming!

What’s different from PDFpenPro 11?

From improved file sizes to DocuSign® integration for PDFpenPro users, 12 is all about portability, collaboration, and customization. Here are the highlights:

Smaller files sizes

You’ve asked, so we’ve added several ways to reduce those file sizes.

Optimize PDF

Compress your PDF’s file size without compromising the quality of images using PDFpenPro’s new PDF optimization feature. Open File > Create Optimized PDF... to control how much to resample color, greyscale, and monochrome images.

Additionally, the “Optimize images only if it saves space” option enables PDFpenPro to skip any images that may increase file size during the compression process. If your document benefits from optimization, PDFpenPro will create a new optimized version of your PDF.

Advanced PDF Compression

We’ve integrated several different compression methods throughout PDFpenPro to help you get smaller file sizes automatically. Some of the improved areas include:

  • Scanning
  • Resample Image, Deskew & Adjust Image
  • Save/Save As workflow
  • We’re pretty excited about the results. Just run one of your bigger documents through one of these processes, save it, then compare the file sizes!

    Here are a few details on how they work in the background.

    • MRC compression

      Mixed Raster Content compression (MRC) works best on mixed text and image PDFs and can reduce files down to 2% of the original size. It works by separating images into multiple layers and compressing each layer. The result is a lossless compressed document, maintaining the same or higher quality of images and text as the original.

    • CCITT fax compression

      International Coordinating Committee for Telephony and Telegraphy (CCITT) Group 4 compression is a lossless compression best for black and white or scanned 1-bit images.

    • Post OCR compression

      All OCRed files now come out smaller thanks to new post OCR compression. Best when you need to scan a document in high resolution for OCR accuracy, but would like to recover disk space after the OCR process is complete. For those of you who regularly batch OCR, or archive your files, this feature is for you.

    Remove third-party metadata

    Found in File > Create Optimized… the option to “Remove third-party metadata” will delete background metadata from objects and images for privacy purposes. It will also provide the additional benefit of reducing file size. Most metadata such as title, author, subject, keywords, time of creation—found in Document Information—are standard. However, metadata can also include thumbnail images, image data, object data, objects that are images, such as XML, and more.

    Collaboration and customization

    Callout tool

    PDF files enable cross-platform collaboration through comments, notes, and other annotations. Now, you can use the Callout tool callout tool to edit and create new callouts—a type of text box connected by a line and arrow—calling attention to a specific item or section of a page. Need to annotate documents for use as exhibits, or create charts? This tool is for you.

    Magnifier window

    While you can always adjust the page zoom in PDFpenPro, this may not be enough. Some PDFs include drawings, charts, or tables with impossibly small font or intricate details. By popular request, you can now use the magnifier window. Choose Window > Magnifier and position your cursor to examine small details on sections of your page, up to 2000% magnification.

    Customized paper styles

    Choose from a variety of paper styles for more effective note-taking, organization, and customization. Available under the File > New... menu, unlock the versatility of colored and lined paper.

    Orientation options in the File > New menu

    You’ve always been able to rotate pages, but have you ever wanted to select an orientation when creating a brand new document? Under the File > New... menu, choose a preferred orientation for your new document or page. Specify portrait or landscape from the start.

    New welcome experience

    Many of you asked for more “welcome” in the way PDFpenPro first launches the app. We’ve incorporated your feedback. Start up PDFpenPro 12 for the first time, and we’ll walk you through some of the most common tasks as well as offer places to get even more info.

    DocuSign® support (PDFpenPro only)

    Do you work with contracts or agreements? PDFpenPro users can directly send out documents for signatures via DocuSign®, a leading trusted e-signature service for businesses. Accessing DocuSign is as simple as choosing File > DocuSign > Log in to DocuSign. Quickly, easily, and securely upload your documents for signature and send it to clients in just a few simple steps.

    For a complete list of all the little tweaks and big additions see Detailed release notes.

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