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Help: Filling Out PDF Forms

There are two different kinds of forms that you can fill out using PDFpen: interactive, fillable forms that have built in form fields, and non-interactive forms that are just scanned documents without built-in form fields.

Interactive PDF Forms

These forms are easy to fill out using PDFpen.

  1. Make sure that the Select Text tool select tool is chosen (Cmd+1).
  2. Click on a form field. A blue border appears around the field.
  3. Fill in the field by typing.
  4. Use the Tab button to move to the next field.
  5. To check a checkbox or select a radio button, just click on it.

Non-interactive forms

  1. Select the Text tool text tool (Cmd+5).
  2. Click on the areas of the form you want to fill in. A text box appears.
  3. Type the information.

Tip: You can double-click a tool to lock it on and use it continuously. This will help you to fill out the whole form without having to switch between tools. Click the Edit (arrow) tool, or any other tool, to unlock your tool. To turn the automatic continuous use feature on or off, see General Preferences for details.

Saving Your Form

When you're done filling out the form, choose File > Save. PDFpen saves with the information you added, allowing you to edit the form later without losing any work.

Signing a Form

Add a signature, or a secure digital signature, to your completed form either by importing a signature, drawing one with the scribble tool, or using an interactive signature field which is sometimes included in interactive forms. For details see Adding a Signature.

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