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Help: Searching Within a PDF

Search the contents of a PDF by keyword.

  1. Click the Find button sidebar_search in the toolbar to open the search window, or choose Edit > Find (Cmd+F) from the menu bar. The search window will open.
  2. Enter the search term(s) in the Search field. A list of the pages containing the term(s) will appear. The search results can be expanded or collapsed from view via a toggle.
  3. Navigate to a page found in the Search Results by clicking on it.

Redact or Replace Text from Keyword Search

  1. Access Redact or Replace by one of these two methods:
    • Choose View > Search-Redact or Search-Replace.
    • Open the Search Results window from the toolbar.
  2. Type your search term into the search field.
    • Click on a result to navigate to an appearance of the search term.
    • Redact: Choose a style, Block (replace the search term with a black block) or Erase (replace the search term with white). Click Redact to redact that appearance or click Redact All to redact all appearances of that search term.
    • Replace: add the replace string in the Replace field. Click Replace to replace one appearance of the search term or Replace All to replace all appearances of the term.
    • Note: If there is any sensitive information in the document metadata, you must remove it manually in the Inspector under the Document Information tab (Cmd+Opt+5). Search-and-Redact and Search-and-Replace do not scan the metadata.

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