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Help: Transitioning to PDFpen 8

Welcome to PDFpen 8 . We've been hard at work listening to your feedback and continually making PDFpen better. This page explains some changes you veteran users will notice.

What's different from PDFpen 7?

Digital Signatures

Open a document securely signed with a digital signature, and you will see a badge in the upper right corner to indicate whether it trusted or not.

Digitally sign a document by opening an interactive signature field, for PDFpenPro users you can add an interactive signature field to a document, when you go to sign there is an option to apply your own AATL certificate, or create and sign with a self-signed certificate.

Editing bar

There are a couple new buttons: Measurements ruler, for seeing the distance between two objects, including support for units built into some architectural drawings; Audio annotations audio button, for adding recordings; and for PDFpenPro users, Attachments attach, for linking a file in a document.


Notice the new view options. Attachments, where you can see all of the files attached to the PDF as well as preview or extract them. For PDFpenPro users you will see Form Fields, where you can view all the form fields in a document in a list and drag and drop then to re-arrange their tab order.

Audio annotations

Listen to audio annotations which come with your PDF, or record your own spoken notes and put them in the PDF.

File Attachments

If you receive a PDF which has file attachments, view them all in the sidebar with the sidebar's new view, Attachments. From here you can right-click on a file to preview it, or extract it in order to save it out on your Mac. For PDFpenPro users, you can attach your own files to a PDF, or delete them.


For PDFpenPro users, create and attach a portfolio of files to a document. This is a good way to combine several files into a single package for easy sharing or distribution.


For PDFpenPro users use the new Form Fields view in the sidebar to re-arrange the tab order of your fields. Also, select your preferred visible widget style for the radio buttons and check boxes in Inspector > Form Element Properties tab.

For a complete list of all the little tweaks and big additions take a look at What’s New in PDFpen 8.

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