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User Guide: Settings

To locate the Settings tap Groups > Settings (iPhone/ iPod), or tap Settings > General (iPad).


Group Settings

For group specific settings see Editing Groups.


General Settings

These settings apply to the TextExpander app, and the TextExpander keyboard.

Snippet Matching

  • Ignore Case: A snippet will expand regardless of the case with which its abbreviation is typed. For example, when switched off, the snippet “em1” will not expand if typed “Em1”. This applies to the TextExpander app and the TextExpander keyboard.
  • Expand Immediately: Switched on, a snippet expands immediately after the final character of the abbreviation is typed. Switched off, a snippet expands only after the abbreviation is typed followed by a space, which acts as a delimiter. Since the space acts as a part of the abbreviation it does not appear once expansion has occurred. This applies to the TextExpander app and the TextExpander keyboard.


  • Auto-Capitalization: Capitalize the first letter following a period. This functions when typing in the Notes screen of the TextExpander app, or when using the TextExpander keyboard.
  • Auto-correction: Automatically corrects spelling as you type using the iOS built in auto-correct. This functions in the Notes screen of the TextExpander app, or when using the TextExpander keyboard.
  • Play Expansion Sound: Hear a “pop” to let you know when a snippet expands.
  • Keyboard Clicks: Hear “clicks” while typing.
  • Capital Key Caps: When on, keyboard key caps appear uppercase at all times. When off, key caps switch between uppercase and lowercase with tap of Shift key.
  • Layout: Switch between QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ keyboard layouts. Not all layouts are available for all languages.

Local Network Sharing

  • Share Groups: Allows for the transfer of snippet groups between TextExpander and other devices running TextExpander on the local wifi network.

TextExpander-Enhanced Apps

  • Share Snippets: Other applications, when TextExpander-enabled, allow snippet expansion. If you do not have any TextExpander-enhanced apps, snippet expansion is limited to the Note screen.
  • It order for snippet sharing to work, you will also need to open your TextExpander-enhanced app to its Settings or Preferences and switch on TextExpander.


  • Sync Snippets: Sync snippets using Dropbox or iCloud Drive. For details see Sync Snippets.


  • First Line Subject: The first line of a Note you send to Mail will be used in the subject line, the rest of the Note will be in the email body.

Sort Snippets

    For iPad this is found outside the main Settings list next to General.

    Sort the order of snippets in their groups alphabetically or chronologically by:

    • Abbreviation
    • Content
    • Label (a feature which syncs over from TextExpander for Mac. Not editable in iOS).
    • Date Created
    • None


Dynamic Type

Support for Dynamic Type means you can control the visual size of the text in the snippet editor so that the text looks uniform with the rest of the text on your device.

To edit this, go to the Settings app on your iOS device and look in General > Text Size and adjust the slider.



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