PDFpen Tip Of The Day: Review Comment Return


Many of us have too much to do. So much too much that any corner moment you use to slide something off your plate is a win. Here’s how PDFpen for iPad & iPhone helped one of our teammates use a commute to give timely feedback and check another thing off the list.

On the train, Maia received a request for feedback in the form of screenshots sent through the company chat app, Slack. She was able to download those images to her phone, open them in a new PDF in PDFpen where she could review and add comments. Then to share that feedback, she uploaded that PDF from PDFpen to the company Google Drive account (where everything is stored, sorted, and organized). She got the Drive share link, and shared that back into Slack.

It’s a seemingly simple thing, just send feedback, but there are many moving pieces that had to come together to make this happen.

Screenshot -> Slack -> Phone -> PDFpen -> Drive -> Slack

A little lot of technology makes this little thing easy.

Moral of this story,
1. Have good reception when you travel 🙂
2. Use the right tools for the job
3. PDFpen can come in handy in some unexpected ways

You can learn more about the recently released PDFpen 3 in our launch post.