TextExpander for iPhone & iPad: Now with Snippet Keys!

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad v4.2 includes a new addition to the TextExpander keyboard, Snippet Keys. Snippet keys allow users to assign a snippet its own key for triggering expansion from the TextExpander keyboard. Instead of typing an abbreviation to expand a snippet, tap a single key.

Update by opening the App Store to the Updates tab, and tap Update next to TextExpander.

Here’s a preview of what the snippet keys look like in action:

To set up your snippet keys:

  1. Open Settings  > Snippet Keys and tap “+”.
  2. Navigate to the snippets you want as snippet keys and tap them. You will see a check appear next to the selected snippets. 
  3. Tap Done to finish.

Now, switch to another app, bring up the TextExpander keyboard and tap the TextExpander “T” key, right next to the Smile key. This will switch you to the TextExpander snippet keys. Tap one, and it will expand your snippet.

Here’s a video to accompany these directions on setting up your snippet keys:

If you haven’t set up your keyboard yet, or need a refresher, here’s a video on setting up a third-party keyboard. You can also find directions on setting up any keyboard in our Help.

What’s New in v4.2:

– Adds Snippet Keys to keyboard for quick access to snippets
– Fixes split view on 12″ iPad Pro
– Other fixes and improvements