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Edit PDFs with even more ease with new PDFpen 9.

Go paperless with PDFpen. No more scan -> print -> sign -> fax. Sign documents and fill forms. Add text and graphics. Make corrections and redact sensitive information. Number pages and export to MS Word. Whatever you need, from OCR to AppleScripts, PDFpen is there for you.

New version 9 adds over 100 enhancements to PDFpen. Now managing your document annotations is easier than ever. Export in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, flattened PDF and more. New search and highlight, custom colors, and hand tool. PDFpenPro users have more options for creating and editing Tables of Contents.

Edit PDFs seamlessly on the road, toss PDFs back and forth between PDFpen for iPad & iPhone and PDFpen for Mac with Dropbox and iCloud.

New in Version 9:
  • Enhances Annotations navigation:
    • Select multiple annotations
    • Copy text of selected annotations
    • Delete selected annotations
    • Includes highlights in list
  • Enhances Table of Contents editing (PDFpenPro only):
    • Adds contextual menu
    • Adds multiple selection support
    • Combines Table of Contents entries when combining files
    • Copy Table of Contents entries
  • Adds export options:
    • Export to JPEG, PNG, and 1-bit TIFF
    • Export to flattened PDF
    • Export in grayscale
    • Export one TIFF file per page
    • Export at 72, 200, 300, 600 dpi
  • Adds horizontal OCR for Chinese, Japanese & Korean (PDFpenPro only)
  • Supports removing OCR layer
  • Create and open links to other files
  • Adds initial support for forms which perform calculations
  • Find & Highlight all instances of a search keyword
  • Adds hand tool for navigation:
    • Magnify using hand tool with Option / Command+Option
  • Adds line numbering
  • Adds two additional custom highlight colors
  • Adds keyboard shortcut for ‘Zoom to Width’ ⌥⌘9
  • Supports Print button in interactive forms
  • Adds visual indicator when navigating Table of Contents
  • Smoother navigation to Table of Contents entries
  • Shows full text / tooltips when hovering over related items
  • Shows resizing handles for items off page edge
  • Shows current page and count in document title
  • Print annotation list alone—great for highlights
  • Improves font smoothing for better readability
  • Over 100 other usability improvements

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