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Go Pro! PDFpen for Mac slices and dices PDFs with annotations and edits. PDFpenPro can make a whole meal of PDF form creation, OCR edits, XLS+PPT+PDF/A export and more.


Need to make changes to a PDF but don’t have the original? PDFpen has you covered. Make edits, correct typos, even export to Word for whole scale changes.

PDFpenPro will take you farther. Create an interactive PDF form, build a table of contents, set document permissions, and convert websites to multi-page PDFs. Add to that easy editing of OCR text from scanned documents as well as export in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and PDF archive formats.

Do you run a paperless office? Don’t print and fax, just sign with PDFpen and be on your way.

Easily fill forms combining PDFpen and TextExpander. Tab thru your form fields, and use TextExpander to fill in your name, address, and all the other little things you type all the time.

See what PDFpenPro can do for you.

Try it first.


Just some of what you can do with PDFpenPro:

  • Convert websites to multi-page PDFs, complete with hyperlinks
  • Create and edit cross-platform fillable PDF forms
  • Export PDFs to Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx, .xls), Microsoft® PowerPoint (.pptx), and PDF Archive (PDF/A) formats (requires Internet connection as a registered user)
  • Create form fields automatically in a non-interactive form
  • Create and edit document Table of Contents
  • View and edit OCR text
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