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Minimize typing. Maximize everything else, with TextExpander.

Imagine never typing the same email address, chunk of code, brand message, directions or data more than once. Avoid the mistakes and typos of retyping the same thing with TextExpander.

Give each of these words, phrases and messages a short abbreviation you type instead, and watch your “snippets” of text expand. Use the power of fill-in-the-blank snippets to customize common responses.

Now, with the new TextExpander, share groups of snippets with others, expanding your common knowledge, and keeping everyone, and every device, current.

Sign up for a TextExpander account for access to all the apps, including those for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows (currently in beta).

Try it.

Just some of what you can do with TextExpander:
  • Create snippets for common email responses, from the pleasantries at the beginning to the signature at the end
  • Make a meeting notes template so that nothing gets left out
  • Customize stock replies using snippets with fill-in fields and popup menus to provide a human touch
  • Share a snippet group with the team to improve everyone’s productivity
  • Automate away using AppleScript, Shell Script, and JavaScript snippets
  • Learn More about TextExpander