Smile at NCMUG

Philip Blog, MUGS

Last week Smile got the chance to meet up with one of our favorite, and local, user groups, North Coast Mac User Group (NCMUG), located in California wine country.

We showed them how to be PDFpen power users, and showed off a few exciting sneak peaks of things to come.

Our history with NCMUG goes back to 2006, demoing at their Mac Computer Expo. You can see the original Smile Team demoing below, Jean, Greg, and Philip.

Jean, Greg, Philip

Didn't take any #SmileMugShots this time, but we did find a picture of the last time Smile and NCMUG were in the same room. Smile Team members Maia Olson and Kelly Guimont, NCMUG board members Ronnie Roche and Lorene Romero, and Former Smile-er and App Camp For Girls founder Jean MacDonald. They are relaxing after a 1 hour session for App Camp at last year's Macworld.

Girls on Stairs