Fix Dock Hiding for TextExpander 3.3 on the Mac App Store

  • Quit TextExpander if it is running.
  • Download the “Fix TextExpander” file.
  • Double-click to expand the file to “Fix TextExpander 3.3.scpt”
  • Double-click “Fix TextExpander 3.3.scpt” to load it into AppleScript Editor
  • Press Run
  • After the script completes, launch TextExpander (and quit AppleScript Editor)

Our apologies for the inconvenience. This will be fixed in our next update. Note: After running this script, it may appear that TextExpander is not installed in the Purchased section of the App Store application. If you Install at the next update, that will no longer be an issue.

Update, 5/20/2011: An update with the fix is now available on the Mac App Store. Thanks for your patience.