Friends of Smile: Busy Lately

Friends of Smile have shipped some wonderful things lately. We thought it would be great to take a moment to acknowledge them.

1Password 6 and 1Password for Teams

Our friends from Canada, AgileBits, have been particularly busy, shipping 1Password 6.2 for iOS, 1Password 6 for OS X, and introducing 1Password for Teams, currently in beta.

We’re huge 1Password fans here at Smile, and we’re already logging productivity gains from 1Password for Teams. Huge kudos to the folks at AgileBits for their amazing work!

Mac Power Users: Episode 300

We’re so honored to have sponsored Mac Power Users for many years. Hosts Katie Floyd and David Sparks are good friends and do amazing work. Episode 300 is particularly fun because Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley of turn the tables and interview Katie and David. There’s even a special surprise from Smile at around the 22:50 mark.

Interact: Do more with your contacts!

I thought we had the funnest name until Greg Pierce and Agile Tortoise came along. Drafts has really set the standard for text editing on iOS. Interact aims to do the same for contact management, making it easy to organize and access your contacts, with a fantastic interface and complete respect for your privacy.

Loopback: Audio routing for Mac

Our east coast friends at Rogue Amoeba shook the podcasting world with their surprise announcement of Loopback. Just the day before, I recorded a podcast where the host crossed his fingers and hoped Soundflower would work. I’m sure that with Loopback no finger-crossing will be required. From the folks who brought you Audio Hijack, Airfoil, and Fission comes another high quality, problem-solving, superpowered audio tool with a straightforward interface.

We have lots of friends, and we’ve probably left out more accomplishments than we’ve noted. If we’ve overlooked something you’ve done of which you’re proud, drop us a line and let us know.