Happy 5th Birthday, SmileOnMyMac

Five years ago this month, SmileOnMyMac released its first product, DiscLabel, at the Macworld Creative Pro Expo in New York. It won a Best of Show Award; the rest, as they say, is history. To celebrate, we are giving away some free licenses via the excellent podcasts that we are proud to sponsor: Your Mac Life, Mac Geek Gab, MacCast and the Apple Weekly Report. (Update: we are also offering a birthday special discount. Listen to one of our sponsored podcasts for details!) Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab decided to have a poetry contest to give away the licenses, and so far, the winners are great! Here’s a few: From Randy Chevrier: Five candles blown out.
Smile has made life so easy.
They’re great beyond doubt. So much text to type!
Eureka! TextExpander.
Fingers are at peace. From Mark Newton: Geek Gab costs me naught.
Two nerds offer food for thought.
Then warn “Don’t get caught.” (Yes, there was a preference for haiku!) From Paul DeCarli: There were two Mac geeks whom I thought
Give the best advice that I’ve got.
The fanboy or switcher,
Poorer or richer,
We Geek Gab fans sure don’t get caught. (If you are wondering about the references to not getting caught, you should listen to Dave — and the awesome John Braun, his co-host — on Mac Geek Gab.) Got your own poem? Post it in the comments!