More Haikus for Our 5th Birthday!


Mac Geek Gab wrapped up its poetry contest. Five winners got their choice of SmileOnMyMac applications to celebrate our 5th birthday. I posted the first three winners last week. Here’s a couple more. (Also, I have to compliment Bryan Chaffin at Apple Weekly Report. For the birthday giveaways on that show, Bryan used D&D* dice to select the winners! LOL ) Ron Miller wrote this spare gem of a poem: Form meets function here What I can think, I can Mac Beauty still within — And from Joshua Horne, an epic haiku (is that a contradiction in terms? Oh well…) A story in haiku Back in the dark times, Computing gave no delight I was on Windows. A friend saw my plight He enlightened my poor soul “Get a Mac”, he scolds. iMac? Mac Mini? What could all of these names mean? I said, “I’ll start small.” I received my Mac; It was so white and so slick. Mouse, Keyboard and all. Was simple at first But issues always arise, Who could now guide me? I needed some help, I turned to podcasts for it, Two gabbing Mac geeks. Once I was clueless, Computing was not my thing. Then a Mac I bought. Mac Geek Gab taught me; I’m now a master of Mac, Where once I was not. Thanks to everyone who wished us the best on our 5th anniversary. “Five years and still smiling” as we say! * D&D = Dungeons & Dragons (but everyone knows that, right?)