PageSender 4.0: Listen to Your Customers

Philip Blog, PageSender

five years in business shipping PageSender, that lesson is: listen to your customers. You folks are great. You use the product, buy the product, tell your friends about it, and you tell us what you need.We shipped PageSender 4.0 this Tuesday, and it seems to have gone over well. You’ve asked for spam filtering and snazzier covers for some time, and we’re pleased to be able to deliver.Frequently, people ask why it’s called PageSender and not FaxSender or PageFaxer. The answer is that PageSender 1.0 didn’t start out with support for faxing. PageSender was designed to make it easy to Email anything you could print, directly from the print dialog (and you can still do that today).Almost immediately after PageSender 1.0 shipped, customers and potential customers wrote asking for fax modem send support. We delivered two months later. Then they asked for receive support. We delivered another two months later. In a short time, PageSender became fax software, and before long it became full-featured fax software. It’s not what we’d planned, but it’s what our customers wanted.So, thank you for all your feedback! Keep it coming. We’ll continue to listen to what you need and to deliver it.