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Video Tutorials


How to move, add and delete pages; view options for navigating through your PDF.

Correct Text

How to correct and change existing text in a PDF document with PDFpen

Apple Pencil

Using the Apple Pencil to annotate and draw on a PDF Document in PDFpen.

Adding Text

How to add text to a PDF document with PDFpen.

Getting PDFs into PDFpen

Using Dropbox and other services; opening PDFs from the web and email; Wi-Fi and other transfer options.

Making Changes and Annotations

Correct text; add signatures, highlight, notes and comments; drawing tools; custom library; resize, move and delete images.

Exporting and Sharing

Export PDFs to Dropbox and other cloud services. Share PDFs to email.


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The easiest way is to use iCloud.

Turn on iCloud storage in the Settings of PDFpen 2. Once turned on your files are automatically saved to iCloud.

On your Mac, open Finder and you should see "PDFpen" listed under "iCloud". You can also open and save documents stored in iCloud directly from the PDFpen open/save dialog.

If you don't see the iCloud > PDFpen option in Finder you can track down your iCloud files in Finder by choosing View > Go to Folder (Cmd+Shft+G) and pasting in this location:
~/Library/Mobile Documents/7PKJ6G4DXL~com~smileonmymac~PDFpen/Documents

Another popular way is Dropbox. Setup a Dropbox sync folder in PDFpen on your iPhone or iPad.

We recommend iCloud Drive to access files in those services.

This indicates changes to your PDF are being saved to iCloud. You may also see a progress bar at the bottom of the icon, indicating the progress of an update.

If you drag a document to move it, you can drop it in a folder by accident. Check your folders for your missing document.

PDFpen 2, for iPhone and iPad, requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8 or 9.

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System Requirements

PDFpen for iPad & iPhone requires an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 8 or newer.