How does “Complete My Bundle” pricing work?

This article is obsolete. “Complete My Bundle” pricing ended on February 28, 2015. It remains available for historical reference only.

Today, we’re excited to release PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 2, a universal upgrade to our existing PDFpen for iPad and PDFpen for iPhone apps. PDFpen 2 is a separate app and thus a separate purchase.

We’ve also released the PDFpen 2 Pack for iPad, which bundles PDFpen 2 and PDFpen for iPad; and the PDFpen 2 Pack for iPhone, which bundles PDFpen 2 and PDFpen for iPhone. These bundles allow us to simulate upgrade pricing by offering PDFpen 2 at a discount based on your prior purchase of either PDFpen for iPad or PDFpen for iPhone.

Most users of PDFpen for iPad can use “Complete My Bundle” with the PDFpen 2 Pack for iPad to upgrade for $7. That assumes you paid full price $14.99 for PDFpen for iPad. If you got PDFpen for iPad at a discount, then the “Complete My Bundle” pricing will be more. The “Complete My Bundle” pricing for the PDFpen 2 Pack for iPad is $21.99 minus whatever you paid for PDFpen for iPad.

Let’s say you purchased PDFpen for iPad on sale for $9.99, your “Complete My Bundle” price is $12:

Complete My Bundle Pricing Example $12

Put simply, your “Complete My Bundle” price is the cost of the bundle minus whatever you actually paid for any components in the bundle.

We hope this clarifies the bundle pricing, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our existing customers.

(For another helpful take on this same issue, please see: How “Complete My Bundle” Pricing Works on the Panic Blog.)