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Content Editors: Here’s Why You Should Use PDFpen

“There’s a typo on page 6,” your coworker writes on Slack. “Thanks for catching that!” you type, adding an 🙈 emoji. Great, you think. Now I’ll have to send this to the designer again.

We know how you feel. It’s super frustrating to notice a minor type such as a misspelled word or a wrongly placed comma in an article or ebook and not be able to fix it.

But there’s a solution. With a professional PDF editor, you can edit PDF documents easily and quickly. There are a few great PDF editors out there, from basic to super advanced.  Here’s why you should consider choosing PDFpen.

Get all the features you need 

Unless you work with complex PDFs with 3D images or need advanced preflight capabilities, there’s no reason to pay for ultra-advanced PDF editing features you’ll never use. PDFpen can meet all your proofreading, revising, and editing needs at a price you can afford.

Pay a one-time fee

PDFpen is a standalone product, not a subscription-based program. You make a one-time investment, rather than pay a monthly or annual fee, for a perpetual license.

Updates within versions are free to registered users, and we charge a small fee only for major version upgrades.

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Edit PDFs to perfection 

Edit text with PDFpen.

Whether it’s a typo you need to fix, information you need to update, new details you need to add, or sensitive content you need to remove, PDFpen’s got you covered with these tools:

  • Correct Text to quickly edit text
  • Replace All to modify all occurrences of a word
  • Text tool to add text  
  • Redact to remove or black out text
  • Redact All to remove or black out all occurrences of a word

To learn more about editing PDFs in PDFpen, check out How to edit, add, and remove text in a PDF using PDFpen.

Annotate away

Scribble tool being used to annotate a PDF by marking an X on it

Add notes as you read or put a big X over a paragraph you want removed. Interact with PDF documents using:

  • Highlight text to mark up passages in green, pink, lilac, or blue
  • Text to add text that becomes a part of the PDF
  • Scribble to draw or write freeform
  • Notes, Comments, and Clouds to add comments in different styles
  • Audio annotation to add an audio recording (PDFpenPro only)
  • Callout to add a text box with an arrow attached

To learn more, check out How to annotate a PDF using PDFpen.

Proofread like a pro

Proofreading marks in the PDFpen Library
PDFpen’s built-in proofreading marks.

PDFpen is the only PDF editor with a built-in collection of proofreading marks.

Proofreading marks are stored in the PDFpen Library, which is a living archive of frequently-used symbols. You can grow the collection by adding your own scribbles, shapes, text, and images.

Sign documents online

Sign documents online with PDFPen

With PDFpen, there’s no need for printing, signing, then scanning non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and contracts.

Sign documents from your computer, iPhone, or iPad by adding your signature image, or use the Scribble tool to create a unique signature every time.

Learn more about signing in How to sign a PDF using PDFpen

Point out edits needed in webpages

Annotated screenshots in a PDF
Add screenshots to a PDF and use markup tools to request edits.

Tired of copying and pasting text from webpages, then writing out what needs to be changed?

With PDFpen, you can communicate edit requirements efficiently by combining screenshots of digital content into a PDF, then using markup and drawing tools to point out what needs to change. Scribble and strike through the original text, add text boxes and arrows. This is one of the simplest, quickest ways content editors can capture and highlight errors.

You can also turn a webpage, and even an entire website, into a PDF you can edit and annotate with PDFpen’s New from HTML feature.

Other PDFpen features for content editors

Content editors, writers, and proofreaders might also find these features useful:


When it comes to PDF editors, PDFpen is the best option for content creators, content editors, proofreaders, screenwriters, and script readers

More advanced than Preview for Mac, PDFpen is a user-friendly, affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat—and the only PDF editor with built-in proofreading marks.

Download a free trial of PDFpen today.

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