Using the Fujitsu ScanSnap with PDFpen

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We are often asked if PDFpen supports the popular Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners. Support is not built into OS X for these scanners, so PDFpen cannot detect them when connected using its “Import from Scanner” command. With a little configuration, however, the software that comes with the ScanSnap, ScanSnap Manager, makes it easy to scan direct to PDFpen. Here's how: To configure, launch ScanSnap Manager, or bring it to the front via command-tab. 1) Choose Settings from the ScanSnap Manager menu. 2) In the resulting window uncheck “Use Quick Menu”. 3) Click “Detail” to show all the settings tabs. 4) Under the “Application” tab select PDFpen as the application. You'll likely need to use “Add or Remove” to add PDFpen to the list of choices first.

5) Under “File Option” select PDF as the file format. Uncheck “Convert to searchable PDF”.

6) Go back to “Application”. Click the “Hide” button, and close the settings window. Now when you press the scan button on the scanner it will scan and then automatically open the result in PDFpen.