Welcome to PDFpen & PDFpenPro 11

Welcome to PDFpen & PDFpenPro 11

Thank you to all those who’ve sent in feedback over the years. We want to encourage you to continue to let us know what you want. We hope the following walk-through of version 11 shows that we take your feedback to heart.

New Features | How to Upgrade

Upgrade : Download PDFpen 11 or PDFpenPro 11 and follow the screens to upgrade.
Cost : US $30 for a single license upgrade. Family and Office Pack upgrade pricing available.
More details below.
Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2019.
US $50 to upgrade to PDFpenPro 11 from a previous PDFpen version.

Here’s What’s New

Split-view mode for editing

Need to refer to one part of a document while working on another? PDFpen 11 adds the ability to quickly and simultaneously view different parts of a document at once. Found in Window > Split, you can split the screen horizontally or vertically. Now you can simplify editing by reducing the number of open tabs or windows.

Import scans from Continuity Camera

Save time by using PDFpen along with Continuity Camera for scanning. Simply launch PDFpen, choose the File > Import from iPhone or iPad > Scan Documents, opening the camera app on your iPhone or iPad. The image will appear instantly in PDFpen. From PDFpen, edit your scan, compress file size, OCR, archive and more–all on the go.

Automatic deskew independent of OCR

Previously, automatic deskew was available with OCR. Now, choose Edit > Deskew Pages/ Document to automatically deskew a page or document at your discretion.

Option to specify default zoom

Have a preferred zoom level? Choose Preferences > General, and under “Default zoom” select 100%, 150%, “Fit to Page,” or “Fit to Width.” Your settings will remain persistent across multiple different documents.

Font Bar for expressive font control

Now you can quickly see and select font typeface, size, style, and justification when editing documents. Reveal or hide the Font Bar by choosing View > Show Font Bar. Font information will display for selected text and new text imprints created with the Text Tool. PDFpenPro users, choose your font typeface, size, style, and justification while creating interactive text fields with the Text Field Tool. Changes to text properties will be made seamlessly without the additional step of opening the font window (Cmd+T).

Add multiple items to the Library at once

By popular demand, users can now select and add multiple items simultaneously to the custom section of the Library. Simply hold down the Shift key to select multiple objects as a unit and add “Selected Imprint” to the Library’s Custom tab. Your objects–as a single item–will be saved to the PDFpen Library for reuse. PDFpenPro users, you can now save frequently used Form Fields in the Library as well!

Improved Sidebar

You asked, we delivered. Under Sidebar > Annotations view, see your lines, scribbles, and shapes. Thumbnail sizes remain persistent. For PDFpenPro users, Table of Contents entries now wrap, simplifying navigation and editing.

PDFpenPro only

Select and edit multiple form fields

PDFpenPro users can now edit Form Elements Properties for multiple form fields at once, saving time. Use the Shift or Command keys with the Edit tool to select more than one field. Under Inspector > Form Elements Properties, specify properties for your chosen fields such as “Required” or “Multi-line.”

New Features List

  • Split-view mode for editing
  • New Font Bar for expressive font control
  • Import scans from Continuity Camera
  • Customize page-number locations
  • Add multiple items to the Library at once
  • Adds option to turn off guides
  • Adds Medical/Legal dictionaries for OCR (English language)
  • Automatic deskew independent of OCR
  • Improved Sidebar
  • Option to specify default zoom
  • Select and edit multiple form fields at once (PDFpenPro only)
  • Various improvements and fixes

Upgrade Costs

  • PDFpen to PDFpen 11: US $30
  • PDFpenPro to PDFpenPro 11: US $30
  • PDFpen to PDFpenPro 11: US $50

Posted pricing is for single user license upgrades. Upgrade pricing is not available in the Mac App Store. If you have the Mac App Store version you can upgrade for the upgrade price to the Smile store version using the upgrade steps below.

How to Upgrade

  1. Download PDFpen 11 or PDFpenPro 11
  2. Launch v.11. It will notice your previous version and offer to check for a free upgrade.
  3. If your upgrade is…
    • Free you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address to get a version 11 license. Finished!
    • Not free you can click on “Buy an upgrade license” for upgrade pricing.
  4. Go through the screens to purchase the US $30 single user upgrade to PDFpen 11, or the US $50 single user upgrade to PDFpenPro 11 from PDFpen.
  5. Complete your purchase and PDFpen/PDFpenPro will register with your new license.

Family and Office Pack upgrade pricing also available.

Free: If you purchased PDFpen / PDFpenPro, version 10 or earlier, after January 1, 2019, you can upgrade to the latest version at no charge. Start by downloading PDFpen or PDFpenPro 11, which will handle your free upgrade.

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