Smile Goes to Yosemite (The Conference)

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(Or, Way Too Many Smileworthy Things In One Blog Post)

Vernal Falls

Last week Smile was proud to sponsor Yosemite by CocoaConf. Not just an excuse for us to make our own Yosemite desktop art, this intimate get-together featured speakers from the world of development and design, relating valuable learned life experiences. (Need help dealing with burnout? How about tips on programming from the world of race car driving?) We’d like to thank all the speakers for sharing their carefully curated bits of wisdom.

When these talks come out as videos later this year, we encourage you to take a look and get inspired.

Posing for a #SmileMugShot below, Jason Snell of the Upgrade podcast and Serenity Caldwell of The iMore Show hiked and photographed Yosemite park with us. Smile sponsors both of their podcasts, where you can hear professional Apple enthusiasts talk about their favorite tech.

Mug ShotMug Shot

A few @AppCamp4Girls volunteers also made an appearance: Liz Marley, bug testing guru at the OmniGroup; Christa Mrgan of Rogue Amoeba, who spoke about good design and the High Sierra camps of Yosemite where she worked for a few summers; and our very own Maia Olson of Smile, posing for her #SmileMugShot below. App Camp For Girls is a Friend of Smile, and recently released their first ever app. If you’re a fan of getting girls inspired to code, buy their $.99 app for a good cause and see what 12-year-old girls do in app camp.

Mug Shot

Thank you Apple for naming the OS that inspired a beautiful conference. Thank you CocoaConf for running with that inspiration.